Edgar Tibakweitira Julian’s Advice on Growing a Business

Edgar Tibakweitira Julian’s Advice on Growing a Business

He’s the man people call when they need help building a business.

Based in Washington, Edgar Tibakweitira Julian is a business growth expert with a background in marketing and branding.

He’s helped people from Washington and around the world scale their businesses and improve their business outcomes.

Today Julian has agreed to share some of his top business growth tips.

He says the most important thing is building relationships with people.

Businesses that build relationships with their customers increase customer loyalty, which also increases the chance they’ll buy again.

Julian says being a people person helps, but having somebody on your team that works with customers to build trust and loyalty is also a plus.

“You can accomplish so much by working well with others,” says Julian.

Julian’s second tip is to find what you’re passionate about, because the more you value your line of work, the higher quality of service you provide to your customers.

“I am passionate about what I do and that’s what helps me,” says Julian.

Finding purpose in your work gives you an energy boost and allows your to sustain focus and work output for longer periods of time.

“It doesn’t matter what business you’re trying to grow. Passion will always help you.”

“Listening to constructive criticism is also an important part of growing a business,” says Julian.

Julian says this means gathering actual results from customers or clients, which is connected to his first point: relationships.

The better the relationship is with your customers, the more likely they are to report their experience honestly and give you tips on how to improve.

Julian says business owners should always be aware of how their customers are responding to their business, but they should also be aware of the world around them.

He says it’s important to understand local trends and developments in your industry, but also in technology.

Julian thinks businesses should get on social media to increase their brand credibility and reach.

According to Brand Watch: the average daily time spent on social media is over two hours, and businesses should try to capitalize on that time as much as possible.

“I use all social platforms,” says Julian.

Julian is still helping business owners in the Washington area, but his primary focus now is on consultancy work.

He also has other projects he’s excited to launch like a real-estate consultancy in East Africa along with a non-profit pharmaceutical distribution company.

If you’d like to learn about Edgar Tibakweitira Julian’s consultancy company, you can check out this press release on Headline Plus: