The voice which attracts the soul, The voice which stands behind the fame of Punjab music Industry. Anadi Mishra has surprised all his followers with his outstanding voice. He delivered so many super hit songs. The achievement of his life is pretty inspirational.

The reason behind this achievement in the singing industry is quite interesting. Anadi Mishra belongs from the family where the core culture is singing. And he is the 5th generation of his family.

The chapter starts from the day September 22 on 1993 when Anadi Mishra was born in Indore. Due to the core family culture, he was always fond of singing. His passion for singing has helped him to reach this level today. His unconditional effort never stopped until he achieved that position. His talent first publicly revealed when he presented himself near the prime minister of Singapore and education minister of Singapore, Only at the age of 8.

Next, his achievement continued. The list of his achievements is too inspirational. He became the winner of the national youth festival, in India three times. It was an amazing history that he created winning the national youth festival three times starting from the year 2012 to 2015.

He performed at those places where he had not even dreamed to achieve. He performed at South Asian University festival at Gujrat. He received a gold medal in M.A music (2016-17) on getting top position in G.N.D.U. He earned international fame when he performed in the biggest fair of the world ( Kumbh Mela). He was appreciated by all Kumbh audience.

His achievements are not over yet. His achievements can’t be described in one place. He also performed at international festivals of Chamba, Kullu, Bilaspur, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

Still, his hunger for the achievement not stopped which has made him a great star. His song, ‘Rabb Da Deedar’, broke the record in Punjab music industry. The song was viewed 1 crore 70 lakhs time on YouTube, with this he was nominated as the best male singer in P.T.C Punjabi music award function.

His song ‘Akhiyan de Hanju’ also got a very good response. It has been viewed Five million times and still, people are having an interest in it. His do not even stop here. He released two more fantastic songs DOLI VS ATHRU and Queen Of Heart.

Recently he released a new song “Sawaal”. It was also highly appreciated by the people and getting much watch time to the song.

Gradually he is going to be one of the super hit stars of Bollywood.