Educationist Jyoti Duggal is one of THE CHOSEN ONES organised by AwardsArc.

Educationist Jyoti Duggal is one of THE CHOSEN ONES organised by AwardsArc.

Being an educationist means full focus on one thing but surprisingly Jyoti Duggal took herself one step ahead of limitations and made her way as one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

Jyoti Duggal belongs to a joint family where she’s loved and supported by everyone. This Lockdown gave her a chance to develope herself. In education she got a chance to persue double masters in PGDBA. She officially started her writing career in lockdown as well. She also learnt hindi content editing, marketing of a publication hub and many more. She also interned with various organisations like Onelifeinfinitehappiness, Lion’s club, Aashman foundation, Empire INC holding company etc.

As of now she is an educationist, a professional dancer and a published author. She has participated in about 65+ anthologies (still counting) and compiled one (more ongoing). She recently started her own writing community named Actword Allies where they give the opportunities to budding writers to grow.

Jyoti started her journey by writing on back of her notebooks, just for fun and little did she know that this might take her one step closer to her passion. With the help of one friend she got to know about YourQuote App which made her talent grew more and from there she started getting offers to be co-author and step by step she grew herself from a co-author to Kalam Ratna Awardee, Rising star Awardee and the Inspiring Youth Awardee.
Because of her profession, she hardly gets time to Focus on her Passion. She wishes to use her profession and passion equally to change the nation in a good way and to develop herself.

She wishes to open an organisation which will welcome everyone for any talent. As an educationist she feels that she can pass her wisdom for good. She’s the person who’s aware of her negative side and she has a very positive outlook towards it.

Jyoti says, “Everyone has their own flaws as no one is born perfect. We have to change ourselves with time. I too want to change myself as I am an emotional person and I always get trapped because of this behaviour. So, I am trying to change this as it’s tough to change someone’s perception regarding you, it’s better to change yourself instead of expecting anything from anyone.”.

Jyoti has been selected as one of THE CHOSEN ONE’S by AwardsArc for her positive energy she carries inside her and her selfless service towards nation as an educationist.

We might see Jyoti Duggal as an growing artist of our country with straight norms.