Psychologist Surabhi Naik is THE CHOSEN ONE by AwardsArc.

Psychologist Surabhi Naik is THE CHOSEN ONE by AwardsArc.

We hardly expect someone with a whole other profession and totally other Passion. Surabhi Naik is among one of them which made her one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc with her skills and talents.

Surabhi Naik is a psychologist and she interned at many places for the same and has treated many patients who were suffering with different horrible traumas. Because of her profession she’s a bit emotional in writing some of the topics that can be seen in her book ,”Inward Shelf”.

“Inward Shelf” is her first solo book which is a journey for a lifetime to cherish. She being a psychologist is an advantage in her writing field as she can connect to things emotionally and practically too. Surabhi also bagged many awards like Prestigious Literary Award, Spectrum Sahitya award and many more for her literary works.

Surabhi is a great learner and she grasps knowledge from everything she loves. She loves to read books, attend seminars and interacting with different communities.

Surabhi says ,”Socializing and interacting can help me develop my skills and give me an opportunity to raise my potential. Attending different seminars and open mics has also given me an opportunity to hone my skills. I also write alot to improve my writing skills. That is how I can progress slowly and steadily”.
Surabhi being a reader is highly inspired by Najwa Zebian , Author of ,‘mind platter’, ‘Sparks of Phoenix’, ‘Welcome home’ and ‘the Nectar of pain’.

Surabhi Connects with her inspiration personally. She says ,”Her writings inspire me to love myself and heal from the trauma that I had undergone in the past. She has also inspired me to pursue writing about wisdom literature and my reflective thoughts. Her writings are a source of inspiration to me.

She has also undergone abuse and trauma in her life yet she pursues to achieve her dreams and motivates people to love themselves, live a meaningful life and to create a home for their soul. These aspects of her writings inspire me greatly.”

Surabhi has done masters in clinical Psychology and her next solo book is also coming next month so we can say that Surabhi is unstoppable and her amazing thoughts made her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

We might see Surabhi as a great psychologist and author someday.