Elie Zeschkowski :  Elyzee Events Come Up

Elie Zeschkowski : Elyzee Events Come Up

Interview with Elie Zeschkowski, CEO of Elyzee Events, also known as Elyzée Agency International, Diplomatic protocol & Celebrity relations agency. Elyzee Events is Headquartered in Paris with local agencies in NYC, London, and Geneva.

Elie, What’s thee craziest story happened with your business?

“It could be a diplomat lady, calling me in 2am asking for us to arrange someone to go to Monaco and bring back her children toy/ doll. Most of our job is strange requests, that’s why they contact us and not do it themselves.”

How do you get new celebrity clients?

In so many unique scenarios.  A famous and rich celebrity, once asked me to help her out. So she thought I was working there, the owner thought I arrived with her entourage. I was with them until 5am. It was in Mykonos Grece.  Next time I arrived to the club, the owner was like ‘Oh here’s  the celebrity manager.’ And we became friends.
Sometimes in life you got to think differently.

Any other scenarios you connected with powerful people randomly?

Yes, at one time I was just in my daily routine, all of a sudden I found myself hanging out with  prime ministers from all over the world in some big event. Or a normal day. turned into a whole night at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with everybody from Hollywood.

So you made a name for yourself by being a great face-to-face communicator. Has someone named you with some unique nicknames because of it?

After I helped to save the son of a diplomat from Africa, people started to call me “Mr. Wolf” or “Ray Donovan”, they started to call me “The French Connection” snd “The Fixer from Paris.”

But everything we do is legal and legit. It’s not a TV show or a film.

What makes your agency different?

We are an event agency with over ten years of expertise in this environment. Our strength is, above all, to be mindful. Our client’s satisfaction is our main goal, and this is how we offer a tailor-made co-operation, made by us and for the client.

What about your network of connections?

Our strength is also our network. The network comprises experts, luxury specialists, and reliable and exceptional employees who will also advise our customers.  Networking is one of the things I do best.

We offer varied offers; whether to organize your conferences, private dinners, product launches, or fashion shows, our know-how allows us to have a diversified panel to adapt to most unique wishes.

The reputation of the Elyzee professionals ensures that our client’s events are prestigious and novel. We work with a French and international clientele, and all our professionals can communicate with you in all languages.

What kind of advice do you provide to your clients?

With precision, we choose our partners and providers specializing in events worldwide, all of whom have extensive experience in this field.

We will listen to you, and we will guide you in your choices.

Elyzée Events offers many reception venues, both unusual and prestigious, which will arouse curiosity but which will also arouse the wonder of your guests.

In this context, we are committed to offering you not a simple reception venue but a real visual experience, which resembles you to put each of your guests at ease and facilitate exchanges. So when a client needs advice, it’s not only from my close circle and me, but from the right people that will answer my call and help Elyzée provide the right answer and advice.