Emerging Artist OA Marq Is On The Verge Of Greatness

Emerging Artist OA Marq Is On The Verge Of Greatness

Music has been everything and then some for the emerging artist OA Marq. Growing up, music was one of the few things the artist enjoyed, and it was his lifelong dream to create music for a living. After years and years of hard work and dedication to his craft and much to the dismay of his mother, OA Marq is on the verge of making a career from music a reality. 

Tampa Bay, Florida native, OA Marq takes a unique approach to his music giving him an edge. Unlike many artists nowadays, OA Marq’s lyrics stay true to raw, real-life, relatable subjects as opposed to rapping about the casual drugs, money, guns etc. The artist stays true to who he is and creates raw, soulful music that every listener can relate to, positioning him well above his peers. The artist has already accumulated a following of tens of thousands of people across the globe and only released his debut single a year ago.

At 22 years old, OA Marq is only in his first year of professionally making music but has already seen huge amounts of success. Last year, the artist released his first ever single, “Distant,” the song was made into a music video, directed by the great Shootertouchfilms. Since then, the artist has only released one other single, “Understand.” Both of which will be put on his long awaited and much anticipated debut EP “THERAPY.”

His nine-track EP “THERAPY” is scheduled to be released to the world sometime in July. An exact date has yet to be determined though. This EP will put OA Marq’s talents on full display. The project is the first of its kind, but definitely won’t be the last for this emerging artist.

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