Emil Osmanovic Montenegro – A Model and Social media influencer

Emil Osmanovic Montenegro – A Model and Social media influencer

A Model of Europe with super high dreams and dreams have taken him into the world of modeling and fashion. He realized a great talent inside him when he won the title of “Face of Montenegro” in a contest. Destiny gave him a chance, and he did not miss that. He did not only won the title, but he won the world with great passion. Therefore, he came up as a famous model because he was approached by several photographers, including Louis Vuitton in Dubai, Italian Vogue, Pitti Uomo in Firenze, Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood, in several music videos, international TV shows, many commercials and covers of magazines in Balkans, Korea and France. 

His journey in modeling

Modeling is an excellent platform that leads to several artistic fields. Similarly, Emil Montenegro does not stop here; he takes the voice lessons for music and acting. Moreover, he sees himself as an entertainer or a designer. He is already dabbling in singing, acting, interiors and fashion design. He was born in Montenegro but preferred to live in New York. As per his point of view, he got freedom here because Emil Osmanovic Montenegro is a conservative country. For him, it is the fashion capital of the world. Going to Los Angeles to be an actor is his plan.

No doubt, the model has been bestowed with unlimited talent. Talent does not know boundaries. It is always unlimited, and the same is the case with this model. He is working in different fields of the fashion industry. His talent has made him famous globally, and his charming appearance is the source to attract people towards him. The model is famous for his ethical behavior, committed attitude, professionalism and dedication to his work. It increases his fans day by day. 

Social media influencer

Yes, we know the star as a social media influencer. He has made his account on social media Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/emilmontenegro/. It means you can be his followers, and it is true; there are millions of people who have followed him on social media. In his fan bank, there are people of all ages, but he is the idol of high school students. These teens love him for his attractive appearance, charming looks and ethical habits. All these things make him famous in the world of fashion and the modeling industry.

Personal interests

He uses to travel from one city to another in his entire career, and it is the time that makes him happy because he loves modeling and traveling. Learning about beauty and new cultures is delightful because it satisfies his curious nature. 

How to access the star?

It is not a big deal now, but it can be difficult for most of his followers. He is a famous model, and his followers are several. People of all ages follow him online, on social media and in other ways. They search for ways to contact him, but it is simple to contact him on Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/emilmontenegro/ his account.