Brittney Moses: An Author, A Blogger, A Speaker, and Social Media Influencer

Brittney Moses is a faith and mental wellness encourager as well as a lifestyle influencer who promotes the significance of mental health. She is a strong supporter of faith-based mental wellness. She rose to fame thanks to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and she continues to help individuals in need both online and offline. 

She is a 30-year-old mental health advocate who was born on August 16, 1991. She is of African American ancestry and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Brittney was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. Her parents’ names are George Talley and Rochelle Barthelemy. Brittney and her fiancé, Jason Stoll, plan to marry and settle down in June 2022. Brittney’s son, Austin Moses, is joining them as part of their blended family.

Britney stands around 5ft 2in (1.5m) tall and weighs roughly 59kg (130lbs). She has gorgeous brown eyes and stunning black hair.

Brittney went to John Thomas Dye private school in Bel Air for elementary school, and then graduated from Hamilton High School Academy of the Arts in Culver City shortly after. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA; a prominent university.

Due to her tremendous popularity, Brittney has been able to secure various sponsorships with brands, media partnerships, behind-the-scenes digital creation consultancy, and her soon-to-be-released book, enabling her to make a good living for herself. Her popularity is largely due to her originality, personality, and mode of life, which has caught the attention of a number of brands around the world.

Moreover, Brittney’s debut book, “Worthy: 50 Mindful Moments to Bring Peace and Clarity to Your Day,” is due out in July 2022.

She also runs a podcast titled  ‘Faith & Mental Wellness’ in which she integrates faith and mental health where she has real conversations at the intersection of both clinical and lived experience. 


Meet Prathmesh Katte Youngest Entrepreneur of Maharashtra

Prathmesh katte is a successful Entrepreneur and a Social Media Influencer who has achieved milestones from a very young age. Prathmesh katte has helped him to gain a “life changing” experience. Today, many entrepreneurs want to work with him because of his veracity and dedication.

Prathmesh katte belongs from Pandharpur, Maharashtra india, he is an indian Entrepreneur, Influencer. Prathmesh katte is one of the top entrepreneurs in India.
Here are the eccentricities which helped Prathmesh katte to be one of the most successful Digital Marketer and Social Media Influencer.

Prathmesh katte has learned from his experience that a person’s “katte prathmesh pvt ltd .” allows him to use his strength to his benefit to upgrade his the career Entrepreneurship, Prathmesh katte started working on his “Katte prathmesh pvt ltd.” from the very beginning to gain “katte prathmesh pvt ltd”, he started building positive relationships around himself. As a renowned Entrepreneur, the youth looks up to him & it is his responsibility to guide them in the right direction taking up new challenges & going through every difficult situation also helps him to improve his “Katte prathmesh pvt ltd.”

Prathmesh katte has learned from his experience that a person’s “Katte prathmesh pvt ltd.” allows him to use his the strength to his benefit. To upgrade his career the Entrepreneur, he started building positive relationships around himself. As a renowned Entrepreneur social media influencer, the youth looks up to him & it is his responsibility to guide them in the right direction. Taking up new the challenges & going through every difficult situation.

As a digital marketer & a social media Entrepreneur, Prathmesh katte has to connect with his audience. To maintain a good relationship with the audience, it is important to develop communication & networking skills. The only way to gain expertise in this skill is by maintaining a positive attitude & treating every person equally. His fans love him because of his ability to connect with his the audience. Developing networking skills has helped him to upgrade his the career & become a renowned Entrepreneur

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Arslan Aslam Is A Social Media Influencer And Musician From Dubai

Arslan Aslam is a multi-talented musician, model, and social media influencer from Pakistan. He started his career in 2009 and has not looked back ever since. In the beginning, he ventured into the world of music and has created several hit tracks. Arslan believes that music brings people of all cultures and beliefs together. It serves as a tool for people to express themselves through performances or even just through listening. Arslan was passionate about music since his childhood. He did not give up on his dreams of becoming a musician and has reached where he is today.
Through his music, Arslan tries to express himself and show his audience his true self. What makes him unique is the fact that he usually mixes multiple genres in a single track. His mellow and soulful voice perfectly compliments the electronic dance beats that he incorporates. He uploads his music videos mostly through Dailymotion, and he also shares some of his releases via TikTok. Main shrabi Tu shrabi , a love track by Arslan, displays his versatility as a music artist. His songs are usually more upbeat, but Dil De Nairay shows a different side of himself. His works have garnered positive reviews from critics and his massive audience.

Arslan has over 73,000 followers on Instagram, 444,000 followers on TikTok, and more than 50,000 Facebook followers. He has a huge social media presence which has helped him step into other fields. Apart from music, Arslan is also an actor and model. As an actor, Arslan has been a part of various music videos. In 2013, he released one of his first singles called Bigra Shahzada, an upbeat dance track. Produced by Beyond Records, the song has over 555,000 views on Dailymotion. As a model, he has collaborated with numerous models and celebrities both in Dubai and other parts of the world. His irresistible charm has allowed him to build a career for himself in the show business industry.

Arslan has also tried his luck in making TikTok videos and has been successful. People of any age group can become famous on TikTok. In today’s generation, The app plays an important factor in the social media presence of a person. Arslan’s videos get millions of views and likes on a daily basis. Due to his passion, hard work, and immense talent, Arslan has built a career for himself.

Check out his music on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Gaana.


Rachid El Khabbachi: A Social Media influencer and a successful businessman

Dreaming and achieving big in life is not an easy task; it might seem easy, but it’s not impossible if you work hard to chase your dreams, then nothing is impossible. In this world, the same is the case with Rachid EI Khabbachi; he belongs to Mauritania. It is a little town in Africa; throughout his entire childhood life, all he saw was poverty, hunger, and people craving for life’s necessities. He always uses to think that one day he will be a successful man and help his family and his society improve their living so that they can have good food and better facilities of residence.


Rachid was born in Mauritania; it is a small land in Africa. There was a lot of poverty hunger there. All he saw is his family craving for the food; according to him, he said that he even beg on Mauritania’s streets. At that time, he thought of doing something exceptional to improve their living; he started his life career as a sports fighter and then, later on, he thought about some sort of business so that he can make his living to survive; he started some kind of buying and selling products business. From a tiny business, he started buying gold and diamonds and then sell them at high rates so that from the profit, he can buy more shares and can expand his business; due to his continuous hard work, he became a successful business man later on.

Social life:

Rachid El Khabbachi is not just an ordinary businessman he is one of the most famous businessmen and works with 250K+ devotee who is something really huge a lot of brands try to reach him and hire him as their style icon one of the most famous celebrities Mario Balotelli, French Montana, Cristiano Ronaldo is his friends, and they are one of the top favorite stars. He is also active on social media a lot and has a huge fan following; people absolutely love him and appreciate his efforts towards the betterment of society because he actively participates in a lot of charity organizations and helps people in improving their living so that they can survive and can have food in appreciation of his charity efforts president of Africa also invited him to meet. Rachid El Khabbachi also known as Jamal is such an inspiration for the youngsters who want to support their families.


Emil Osmanovic Montenegro – A Model and Social media influencer

A Model of Europe with super high dreams and dreams have taken him into the world of modeling and fashion. He realized a great talent inside him when he won the title of “Face of Montenegro” in a contest. Destiny gave him a chance, and he did not miss that. He did not only won the title, but he won the world with great passion. Therefore, he came up as a famous model because he was approached by several photographers, including Louis Vuitton in Dubai, Italian Vogue, Pitti Uomo in Firenze, Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood, in several music videos, international TV shows, many commercials and covers of magazines in Balkans, Korea and France. 

His journey in modeling

Modeling is an excellent platform that leads to several artistic fields. Similarly, Emil Montenegro does not stop here; he takes the voice lessons for music and acting. Moreover, he sees himself as an entertainer or a designer. He is already dabbling in singing, acting, interiors and fashion design. He was born in Montenegro but preferred to live in New York. As per his point of view, he got freedom here because Emil Osmanovic Montenegro is a conservative country. For him, it is the fashion capital of the world. Going to Los Angeles to be an actor is his plan.

No doubt, the model has been bestowed with unlimited talent. Talent does not know boundaries. It is always unlimited, and the same is the case with this model. He is working in different fields of the fashion industry. His talent has made him famous globally, and his charming appearance is the source to attract people towards him. The model is famous for his ethical behavior, committed attitude, professionalism and dedication to his work. It increases his fans day by day. 

Social media influencer

Yes, we know the star as a social media influencer. He has made his account on social media Instagram It means you can be his followers, and it is true; there are millions of people who have followed him on social media. In his fan bank, there are people of all ages, but he is the idol of high school students. These teens love him for his attractive appearance, charming looks and ethical habits. All these things make him famous in the world of fashion and the modeling industry.

Personal interests

He uses to travel from one city to another in his entire career, and it is the time that makes him happy because he loves modeling and traveling. Learning about beauty and new cultures is delightful because it satisfies his curious nature. 

How to access the star?

It is not a big deal now, but it can be difficult for most of his followers. He is a famous model, and his followers are several. People of all ages follow him online, on social media and in other ways. They search for ways to contact him, but it is simple to contact him on Instagram on his account. 


Alahna Ly: Young Musical Gem and Social Media Influencer

Alahna Ly is an American who broke out to the entertainment industry at the age of 15 and has been very relevant in the music industry in particular. Her famous song ‘Bailando’ has hit more than one million views on YouTube to date.

Alahna started working assiduously on her voice at the age of 15 and also began to sing at the same time. She became noticed by music lovers when she won a talent show meant for 9th grade, after then, her music career was kickstarted as encomium began to pour in. Her vocals have been described as melodious and smoothening to the soul, which is the reason she has endeared many fans to herself.

Alahna’s beginning to Stardom

Alahna released her first hit titled ‘Summertime’ on SoundCloud which instantly garnered lots of download and gave her musical career an offshoot. This was the beginning of her musical breakthrough. Alahna further gained more popularity when she began to promote herself on social media, and that paid off with the massive audience she has garnered so far.

After gaining many audiences on social media, she began to spend more time uploading ad promoting her song with viewers all around the world. Through this, she has been able to maintain that popularity. Due to her consistency on social media, she was ranked as one of the most influential social media influencers. This was still during adolescence which was something extraordinary and uncommon.

Recording Cover Songs to making music

To cement her popularity status, she began to showcase her talent by uploading cover songs to show her prowess in singing on SoundCloud. Some of her cover that has gained massive recognition is ‘Marvin Room, ‘Superficial Love, and ‘Stay.’ Due to the positive reviews she got from her fans, she started recording her songs, and it has been a success so far.

Alahna is blessed with producing captivating and good lyrics which has drawn praise from music critics has motivated her to create more songs that are doing well in the music chart. She does not only sing, but she dances, acts, does photo shoot, all of which she constantly upload on social media and has received praise. On SoundCloud, her songs ‘The Gold, ‘Erase Me Out of your Phone’, and ‘So What’s Up have received massive post and download from subscribers.

She doesn’t post much on Instagram, but she has massive 1.4 million followers who constantly monitor the few things she posts. Her viewers have described her Instagram page where an energetic singer has so much energy and creativity constantly display for her viewers. She is also notorious on TikTok.

Why has Alahna Popularity increased?

Alahna has been defined as part of what defines modern music through her musical and social influencer career. Many young ladies have defined her as a role model for young girls who are determined to become something meaningful in the society. Her inspiration and energy have been the reason she has a worldwide reach and global audience. This young singer and social media star is, among others, helping to define modern music.

She is also talented in making twerking and raunchy videos which are entirely different from her musical talent and her acting ability to show how multi-talented she is when it comes to entertainment. She developed a flair for making videos that she shares on social media regularly. Alahna has been careful when it comes to private life which she has successfully kept away from the public. Much is not known about her background.

After releasing ‘Helluva Night’, and ‘Bailando’, received heavy views few months upon release of more than one million. Her energetic and inspirational character has ensured she has a massive fan base which is quite bewildering. If she continues to stay relevant, her fans can hope for a bigger star in the nearest future.


Adapting to Change and to Evolve as a Top Social Media Influencer And Marketer – Jose Arias

Jose Arias also lays out the hacks for small businesses to develop a striking social media presence.

In a pandemic World, it has become very evident that to enhance business opportunities, social media is the best place to market the products. Marketing the products online need various strategies to stand apart in the competitive market. This, in turn, created social media influencers to earn by marketing various products. Among those, is an entrepreneur who has become a successful social media influencer and marketing genius, he is Jose Arias. The 25-year-old from New York has achieved a very good global following on social media through his charismatic wit and creativity. Jose started doing social media advertising when he was 16-years old and dropped out of college to pursue his online career.

He created meme accounts and meme pages on Instagram @dawg, to garner a dedicated following. He learned the marketing aspect of social media all by himself and has suggested some tips to small businesses that are facing the brunt of the Covid-19 virus. Jose Arias provides some social media hacks to build those businesses’ social media presence.

1. Scheduled Posts: Jose believes that “content is king”, and posting quality content on a timely basis helps in growing the social media presence. Social media management tools must be used to schedule content ahead of time, without any delays.

2.  Believe in #Hashtags: Using proper #Hashtags are a great way to reach more and more consumers. Arias says that the business must use a hashtag related to its advertised content to target its major audience.

3. Promote the blogs: To build a business, blogs are essential as they engage the target audience or general users a bit more. Arias believes that sliding in a link to buy the product might add to its social media presence.

4. Work with micro-influencers: Much like Arias himself, many businesses have started partnering with the social media influencers, which helps them reach a bigger audience if their product gets featured in one of the micro-influencers’ posts.

5. Focus less on vanity metrics: Any post or advertisement on social media should have a progressive engagement rate, so Arias urges the people to not just focus on the likes and shares the product gets but focus more on how to engage the audience.

Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models. Apart from this, Jose Arias also believes in scheduling posts at a proper time, using small-business Instagram stickers. These hacks were of great help to Arias himself as he expanded his social media presence manifold. Jose Arias has become a top influencer just by his adaptive abilities and has excelled as a big-time social media marketer. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on social media via his Instagram Account @papii

Romy Johnson is an Indian born; a popular educationist, businessman and entrepreneur who is the founder, CEO & owner of British Indian Academy, Xaare, Fames Media, and Cool Gurus. He interviewed Jose Arias for Forbes Magazine, who is a growing social media marketer. Facebook and Instagram – @RomyJohnsonOfficial.


Rajat Singla: A prolific social media influencer & the face behind the growing popularity of celebs

The more we speak of the various digital marketing strategies, the more we feel it interesting; such is the subject so vast yet so useful that the right use of it can literally change a person’s life. There are many people in the industry of digital & social media marketing with their creative minds & talents who can mould or improve the reputation of a brand, company or person. Amongst the several forces in the industry, one such talented mind is Rajat Singla.

Born on January 8, 1991, in the bylanes of Patiala, Punjab little did Rajat know that he would wear the hat of an entrepreneur & would dive into doing many businesses. Rajat, a tall 6 feet man started his career in 2005 while he was still in his teens & worked for a website named VIP Punjab. Here, this young guy began working for them to make their websites, design them & took care of the other related work. Later, when Rajat realised that there are many things that he could do to advance in his career, he jumped into the work of import & export of PVC wall panels with his company named “Wall Decor”. This company imports products from China & at wholesale sells it through India. After getting into this, gradually he curated three businesses of his. He even worked as a model for a magazine in 2012.

Rajat with one of his businesses stepped into the online world & started working for the media promotion of several celebrities, models, television artists, makeup artists, astrologers, & many others with his company called “Shiraj Media”. His company today is an example of a growing social media marketing firm that with its earnest efforts & hard work is working day & night to manage celebrity accounts to grow their online presence in the virtual space.

The kind of services that Shiraj Media Works provides to their clients includes digital marketing, PR work, social media marketing & management, increasing the reputation of their clients on the digital space, celebrity & brand marketing & many other related works that help them to expand their popularity in multi-folds & increase their follower base. Generating more & more leads for brands & celebrities, helping them grow & converting them into a more famous personality is a child’s play for Rajat.

The budding social media influencers & managers can take lessons from Rajat & his work to know how with rigorous efforts yet with so much attention to detail, this young businessman has turned the lives of many with a 360-degree curve, helping them to be at the top of the search results with the help of exceptional PR skills & marketing strategies.


Garrett Shiner: Budding Social Media influencer of Dallas, Texas who knows how to grow organically on Social Media

We are living in the Digital world where everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow in life.

You can learn many things from the online platform all thanks to Google a search engine and top apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin and all which are the best platform from where you can learn many things if you use it in the right direction.

We came across young social media influencer name Garret Shiner who is just 18.

Don’t go to his age when FB was found Mark was only 20. So age is just a number in the IT world.

Garrett Shiner is a quick learner, the good thing about him is he believes in practical knowledge. He executes on his ideas, tries new things and not afraid of getting fail in whatever new stuff he does in his life.

According to Garrett Shiner Social Media Management (SMM), then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are two lethal weapons in today’s time. If you do it correctly, then it can help you grow your image faster than you imagine.

Garrett Shiner is working on Digital Marketing from a very early age. He is now an expert in SEO & SMM; Garrett has already started giving work to many companies and individuals as a digital marketing expert.

Garrett Shiner is also the founder of leading Digital Marketing Agency of Dallas Texas Shiner Marketing 1.

Slowly Garrett Shiner is becoming the youngest Social Media influencer from Dallas, Texas where the scope of influencers in the USA is booming. Garret Shiner’s name come in most budding Entrepreneur who runs Digital Marketing agency in the USA.

You can also visit his website where you can get a perfect idea about his work and all.

In 2020 he is going to utilise many Digital Marketing tricks which work organically for him and his clients.

Garrett Shiner’s work is not easy he has to battle against many big names, but looking to his skills and hunger for learning new things will help him settle at the first sport of being a most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

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