Emre Can Ayaydin Propels Family-based Company forward as CEO Irrespective of Challenges

Emre Can Ayaydin Propels Family-based Company forward as CEO Irrespective of Challenges

Strategic decision making is one of those abstract, yet insanely important aspects of the business that every CEO needs to take into account. The abstractness of the term comes from the fact that different leaders perceive strategic decisions differently, much like different businesses have different business strategies.

Emre Can Ayaydin whom joining the family biz was like a no-brainer currently holds the position of the CEO in the family-based company Goldi Group (Switzerland). Emre was able to attain this height based on the significant amount of hard work and time he had buried into the company. He joined the family business at a very young age, 14 to be exact even though he was still in high school. While most teens spend their youth honing work skills in entry-level jobs, whether that’s slinging fast food or working retail, Emre got that spark to succeed at an early age. There’s no shortage of useful advice out there to help even the very young make strong business decisions.

One of the critical, and possibly fundamental, roles of leadership is managing change. Leadership is about guiding your team forward through a shifting environment. And determining the pace of transformation is one of the key ingredients of managing change. These have Emre mastered right from childhood and he has used it to make diverse decisions that have brought success to the company.

By definition, strategic decision making is an ongoing process that involves crafting strategies to achieve goals and altering strategies based on reviewed outcomes. While it’s agreeable that strategic decisions vary from business to business, there are a number of common terms, or effective methods to influence and improve the process. Among those, probably the most notable, positive boosts to strategic decision making is experience.

Based on the trailer load of experience Emre has garnered over these number of years spent in the company, he now oversees the strategic direction of the company together with his management team who combines industry experience and visionary thinking and its has been a great success. Emer has not only learned from his mistake over the years but has learnt from others. There is a saying that goes “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself”. This is by far the best thing that one can do as a smart CEO, who understands the risks and the weight of decisions that taken, and how they impact the future of the organization.

Emre Can Ayaydin has faced lot of challenges in his lofty journey with Goldi Group from dealing with business partners to dealing with family friction and co-workers who believes that his achievements are solely as the result of nepotism. But as Tony Robbins sagely says that “it is your decisions, not your conditions that determine your destiny.” Emre has learnt how to make better decisions despite the conditions, because conditions are often unpredictable, but decisions are always under our control.

Know more about the Company: https://www.goldi-group.com.