Engineer Misagh Daraei contributes to Ph.D. research on Energy Efficiency

Engineer Misagh Daraei contributes to Ph.D. research on Energy Efficiency

Misagh Daraei has contributed a wealth of knowledge to the field of alternative technologies and energy management. PhD studies in the field of energy management commonly focus on prototypes for improving transmission grids for sustainable energy— Daraei’s research has focused primarily on energy harvesting, waste management, and energy auditing for large scale manufacturing companies.

Daraei states, “It is critical that manufacturing companies look at the bigger picture and adopt energy efficiency practices with respect for the environment, the economy, public health, and business. I propose long-term energy saving strategies specific to the companies I represent; mainly large-scale manufacturers of pulp, paper, and steel.

A lot goes into consideration while formulating long-term energy saving strategies, such as what amount of time the proposed strategies will be developed for, whether we can pay off what is invested in measures of sustainability, the credibility of our sources for sustainable technologies, as well as how we will distribute costs to meet the intended goals.” Daraei evaluates the energy management standards and practices of large manufacturers to determine cutting edge approaches to address barriers to energy efficiency.

Daraei’s research and practice has demonstrated that the incorporation of long term energy saving strategies for large manufacturing companies has resulted in significant reduction of company costs, improved branding, publicity, productivity, competitiveness, and the quality of health for employees. Daraei is working to increase awareness of the importance of energy management specially for large organizations to reduce carbon emissions, mitigate risk of shortages and rising costs, and to reduce environmental damage. 

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