Entrepreneur Chris Naugle Emphasizes the Importance of Gaining ‘Money Consciousness’ 

Money isn’t intimidating until we develop a poor attitude towards it or a poor relationship with it. For those who wish to change their equation with money, entrepreneur Chris Naugle advocates achieving money consciousness by reclaiming control over one’s money.

Chris believes that money can be taught to work for us instead of the other way round. Attaining this psychological power however, requires time and effort. He says, “Truly valuable financial knowledge isn’t taught, it’s sought out. I have met many people in my journey as what I like to call a “money mentor” who feel that no matter what they do, they are never able to keep track of where or how their money is spent. Such people often find themselves either under constant debt or without any significant monetary achievement despite being income generators for the better part of their lives. I encourage them to gain money consciousness by focusing on themselves rather than their money. Once you do that, then you start paying attention to what really drives you to spend – if it’s a genuine requirement or a shallow justification. Assuming that most people don’t like to lie to themselves and would rather do the right thing than the wrong one, this change in their relationship with money – leading it instead of being led by it, proves very useful and practical in the long run.”

Chris believes that it’s the way we think about money that makes all the difference. He asks, “How do you see money? Do you see it as something you’ll have when you are older? Something to reserve when you retire? But do you realize that you won’t be able to see that until decades pass? To reclaim your control over your finances, you must become your own bank. And to do that do what banks do – move your money and work the benefits of greater returns. It’s not a fantasy notion, it’s the antidote to keeping your hard-earned money from becoming weaker and worth a lot less as time goes by.”

Common sense and innovative thinking seem to be the two forces that drive Chris to make money what it’s supposed to do – be led by your careful judgment, and not a recurring carelessness. His methods include perception change, motivation building, and learning new avenues to make your money work for you with few smart moves.