Exclusive interview with Ahmad Feily, a popular Iranian singer and songwriter

Exclusive interview with Ahmad Feily, a popular Iranian singer and songwriter

Some sounds are so memorable, refreshing, and pleasant that make you subconsciously beat the pulse of emotion and pleasure.

The voice of Ahmad Feily that I heard on his Instagram page “@ahmadfeily” gave me a special feeling. A sweet reverberation that, besides being fresh and emotional, was so mature accompanied with the right technical principles and musical techniques that it was hard to believe that this is the first album recording. It seemed a little surprising to me. Soon you will hear good news from this 33-year-old young artist.

Dear Ahmad, tell us a bit about yourself:

Few families can be found who have scientific education while being armed with art and culture concepts.

Ahmad Feily has a master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and will soon get a Ph.D. in pharmacologist. Ahmad Feily has completed MICRO FIT hair transplant courses under the supervision of dermatologists in Iran and Turkey, and as he pointed out, since high school with the support of his brother Mohammad Amin Feily, he had started to learn to play guitar. He has drowned himself in this field and along with the guitar, he has learned to play the piano.

I hope you are always laughing in this house ………

The above headline was the title of music and lyric that Ahmad Feily has sung for his mother, whom he has owned everything. Ahmad Feily states that everything he has is by the help of God and his family. Especially his kind and patient mother who sacrificed everything for him, and his educated brother Amir Feily and his sister Arezoo Feily and their support and love. Those who devoted their lives and youth to his fruitfulness and prosperity with sincerity.

Only voice remains

I learned the guitar from Ali Mehryari, Mehrdad Izadi, and Mohsen Morshed. After being accepted to university, I took solfeggio courses under the supervision of Kamkar School and sang in the presence of Hossein Miri Ghoo. Currently, I am learning under the supervision of Professor Gol Zard in Shiraz. I work in the traditional style. I believe that voice and music are always lasting and eternal.

I made the famous song of Iraj Mehdian (all grieves are mine) more rhythmic and sang it as a cover. My other songs such as mother, feeling, nightmare, traveler, and … had good attraction through the society members.

In 2012, I prepared my first album for release, but choosing a bad producer who didn’t perform as had promised, prevented my success, and then other business prevented me from continuing my work. Eventually, my fortune turned and I made a contract with a professional and disciplined team. I met Taraneh Gostar Ilya and Mr. Abdollahi, who are all professionals.

The music issues are many ……………………………….

By just learning a few songs and melodies, everyone wants to quickly teach them to others so that they can kind of make money, which discourages interested people. Singing is so desirable in society and also music has become artificial and electronic. So, some artists have reflected a wrong picture of composing and singing. Anyone wants their voice to be heard, while music requires high experience, professional and academic knowledge, another problem in this area is that a good voice doesn’t guarantee success and you have to sacrifice a lot to be seen. In the beginning, even if your voice is great, no one follows you and you must make more efforts to become famous, another problem of this profession is uncommitted companies and institutions which only have a commercial vision. I wish there would be more strict rules over companies and institutions that apply for licenses.

Ahmed Feili will re-enter the music world by co-operating with a well-known and experienced team in the form of the album “Last Stroller”, An album that will explode the artistic boundary of Shiraz and Ahmad Feily’s concert halls will be attractive and crowded. This album has passed the composing stages and is licensed with no criticism. Yes, soon the latest work of this successful and young composer and singer will be released by Taraneh Bazaar Company. Alireza Amiri’s instrumentation of the 10 tracks, composed by Mohsen Monfared and Ahmad Feili, when accompanied by beautiful songs by good songwriters of Raz Shiraz Naz (Mohsen Monfared, Ahmad Feily, Arezoo Feily, Raha Haghighi, and Shaghayegh Hooshmand): Hamed Modiri played Guitar, Arash Borhan played sitar, who is one of the good masters of Shiraz. Undoubtedly, this will make an explosion in the artworks of Shiraz.