Spotify achieves startup that can grow podcast disclosure

Spotify has bought a startup considered Podz that could make it simpler to discover new podcasts to listen to on the platform. It’s important for the streaming service’s monstrous podcast push that has been continuing for the past few years, which will undoubtedly proceed, particularly since it’s anything but a paid subscription plan for the format. Podz uses machine learning technology to produce high-quality clips including key moments in a podcast that clients can pay attention to. It could give potential new subscribers a preview — apparently a more vivid one than what a written description or a random sample can give — of what a podcast is about.

As 9to5Mac notes, the declaration comes after The Verge revealed that Facebook will launch podcasts one week from now. The social network’s podcast product will permit audience members to make shareable one-minute clips of the audio shows to build visibility and engagement. While the Podz acquisition could give podcast discoverability a lift on Spotify, the organization presented a few features over the previous years to bring audio shows before new audiences. In April, for example, it launched a “Top Episodes” ranking for its charts that allows clients the opportunity to find even moderately unknown podcasts. It likewise added music and podcast search filters on its iOS and Android apps back in May.

In its declaration, Spotify said it will integrate Podz’s technology into its service and that listeners will see elements of its technology before the year closes.