Extra is Catching Fire for Being a Lyrical Genius

Extra is Catching Fire for Being a Lyrical Genius

If you are a fan of hip hop then you will naturally gravitate towards David Ogunnubi, who goes by the stage name Extra. Growing up in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Extra has always felt called towards music, but it wasn’t until he went to college at Cal State, San Bernardino that everything started to fall into place. There he met his good friends and producers T1, and DJ Ronnie G and things began to take off. Extra started writing lyrics to their beats and he discovered he had a talent that couldn’t be ignored.

Extra is an energetic and lyrical genius that blends multiple different styles of music together to form his own unique sound. Extra is most known for his elite ability to mix rap and R&B together to create an eccentric style of hip hop. Extra draws inspiration for his music from J. Cole, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar. Extra wants his fans to not only hear his music but to feel his music. Extra puts a great amount of energy into his work and intends for his fans to receive that energy and draw inspiration from it. By telling a story through his music, listeners have an undeniable emotional attachment to his work.

Extra has multiple projects out right now that are attracting major attention. Currently he has two different visual series available, “Extra Extra Read All About It Vol. 1” and “Ya Beat Iz Not Safe Vol. 1”. He is currently working on volume 2 of both series’ and intends to drop them soon. In the upcoming year Extra will be dropping his highly anticipated single “Can We Live” which was inspired by and created for Juneteenth. With the excitement and buzz around this new young rapper you must be on the lookout for his major rise to the top. 

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