Mehki Letreigh Debuts Video For “Trap Guitarist”

Mehki Letreigh pops up here with a premiere of his latest video for the song “Trap Guitarist”. This one is pretty straightforward as far as messaging goes: dude is here to flex. Mehki reflects on his old life while giving viewers a glimpse at his exciting new one. The Los Angeles is going full throttle into 2022, as this is the first of many visuals coming this year.

With a unique sound that can be heard nowhere else, we’re excited to see what else Mehki has up his sleeve.

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2013keezy’s Song “Space” Is Taking Over The Streets

2013keezy’s latest single “Space” is out on all platforms, and is already receiving great feedback. The song offers soft melodics and intimate vocals, and the overall sound is nothing short of radio-ready. The hook is dangerous as it might get stuck in your head all day.

The song details an ex-girlfriend wanting to get back together now that 2013keezy is seeing success. 2013keezy is having none of it. Proud to be independent, Keezy isn’t afraid to flex a bit in the track to make a point. He raps about how he swerves in expensive cars and pays attention to only making money. The song delivers on both melodics and lyrical content, and will likely stay one of 2013keezy’s most popular songs for quite some time.

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A Force in Chicago’s Hip Hop Scene and a Superhero Father: Gustavo Bands is the Rapper You Can Root For

“Over time, I just got better and met more people who actually took making music seriously.” At only 15 years of age, Chicago rapper Gustavo Bands knew where his life was headed. It just took crossing paths with the right like-minded people to push him in the right direction. Writing and recording songs in his makeshift closet studio while still in high school, the grind for success in the music industry has been a long one for Gustavo Bands. Through a myriad of influences and an unmatched work ethic, the lifelong rap hopeful is making a name for himself as both an artist and an entrepreneur in the Chicago music scene. “Before I knew it, I had developed my own sound, and here I am,” he joyfully remarks.

Born and raised in Calumet City, Illinois, a small city just outside of Chicago, Gustavo Bands proudly represents both Calumet City and Chicago’s southside with his music. Acting as a “high-ranking representative of the 147th/Sibley Blvd area”, Gustavo Bands has made it a point to help local artists since he first started making a name for himself in the industry. Stepping onto the scene just around a decade ago, the Rapper put his own career aside for some time to help other local artists with their songwriting and creative development. This passion to help is what landed Gustavo Bands the role of CEO at ThrulBred Entertainment. 

Gustavo Bands has used each inspiration in his life to its fullest capacity in order to further his artistic abilities. While it used to be self-motivation or looking up to the rap game’s biggest names, nowadays, the Chicago rapper is motivated by his role as a father. “My greatest inspiration for my music is my kids looking at me like I’m a superhero, honestly,” Gustavo Bands states proudly. As he funnels his inspiration into his music, it’s clear what Gustavo Bands is capable of. While he has been hard at work in the studio, Gustavo Band states that he has over 1,000 songs ready to go at any point and a full-length project is on the way soon. “I got a lot of timeless music in my catalog that could drop at any time, honestly,” he says.

With all of his success and a decade of continually growing name recognition, the pressure has begun to build on the Chicago rapper and entrepreneur. Finding success and acceptance in the busy Chicago music scene can be a difficult task. For Gustavo Bands, the anticipation around him as an artist and a businessman is a stressful reality to deal with. But by keeping a level head and focusing on his craft, the sky seems to be the limit for this budding rap star.

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The N8vs… Tongues

Real music is thought provoking. Real rap is refreshing. Real Hip Hop is life changing. The N8vs speak a certain, tongues (pun intended) that is provoking and refreshing. If done consistently it will certainly be life changing for the members of the group as they rise in fame and popularity. I undoubtedly wouldn’t bet against them.

The N8vs (pronounced The Natives) have a project called “The N8vs. Vol. 1” and its sweet!  The first song featuring Trapkingkai (hell of a name! Lol) and Rmllw2llz (Romell with 2 L’s, also clever) entitled “Good Dope” is a dizzying trumpet lead over hip hop drums that will make your head spin. 100 Kings is a slow-paced alt. Rap song featuring Dom B, Fiji Waters Q-Mystik and Connor Hildabrand. This one is made for Music festivals as its sure to be a singalong. “Coming Home” featuring Furious Floyd, Rob Lee & Methodical Wun is the standout track from the album. The lush production that may appear grandiose at first glance is actually perfectly suited for the rappers and singer. As the song paces it gets better and better. The vocal performance in addition to the capable rap verses from the impressive mc’s earn them an A+.

The N8vs. Vol. 1 seems to be the first release from this group. From the record label “Kr8vN8vs

Records”. It’s very impressive and will get more spins from me. From the looks of this release, they house a lot of talented rappers and singers. I would love to see some visuals from these guys (I couldn’t find them.) If the visuals are half as impressive as the raps these guys are spitting, they could grow a cult following very quickly.

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Gogetta80’s Drops Off “Started Again”

Just recently hopping into the hip hop scene, Gogetta80 is quickly showing fans that he is up next. Born Omar Thompson, Gogetta80 started with sports, then became a prominent figure in Miami nightlife scene. His business did very well, which attracted many high profile clients/celebrities. Making connections with famous personnel led him into pursuing music, as he hopes to use his network in order to start off strong.

His recent release, “Started Again” shows that although he is new to the hip hop scene, that his sound is already there. The piano melody is perfectly complimented by his punchy delivery and smooth vocals. We hope to see what he has coming up in the future, and we’re sure with a release like this, that it won’t disappoint.

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Extra is Catching Fire for Being a Lyrical Genius

If you are a fan of hip hop then you will naturally gravitate towards David Ogunnubi, who goes by the stage name Extra. Growing up in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Extra has always felt called towards music, but it wasn’t until he went to college at Cal State, San Bernardino that everything started to fall into place. There he met his good friends and producers T1, and DJ Ronnie G and things began to take off. Extra started writing lyrics to their beats and he discovered he had a talent that couldn’t be ignored.

Extra is an energetic and lyrical genius that blends multiple different styles of music together to form his own unique sound. Extra is most known for his elite ability to mix rap and R&B together to create an eccentric style of hip hop. Extra draws inspiration for his music from J. Cole, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar. Extra wants his fans to not only hear his music but to feel his music. Extra puts a great amount of energy into his work and intends for his fans to receive that energy and draw inspiration from it. By telling a story through his music, listeners have an undeniable emotional attachment to his work.

Extra has multiple projects out right now that are attracting major attention. Currently he has two different visual series available, “Extra Extra Read All About It Vol. 1” and “Ya Beat Iz Not Safe Vol. 1”. He is currently working on volume 2 of both series’ and intends to drop them soon. In the upcoming year Extra will be dropping his highly anticipated single “Can We Live” which was inspired by and created for Juneteenth. With the excitement and buzz around this new young rapper you must be on the lookout for his major rise to the top. 

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Feenyx is Ready to Take The Hip Hop World by Storm

Growing up in West Virginia, Feenyx saw how his native state lagged behind in terms of musical advancement. Feenyx knew he had to leave West Virginia, which was renowned for being one of the poorest areas in America and for having a high rate of drug usage if he wanted to see his goals come true. Back in 2014, Feenyx packed his belongings and moved to Atlanta to pursue music full-time, and to this day it is one of the best choices he has ever made. 

Feenyx has been consistent at his craft since going all-in on his profession after making the move to Atlanta. Feenyx likes combining elements from many genres to create his own distinct style when producing hip-hop songs. He raps about the conscience, the business of things, and his new lifestyle, which builds a picture of who he is as a person in the minds of his listeners. This ability to appeal to a diverse range of listeners is something that not many new musicians in the game can accomplish today, providing Feenyx an advantage over his rivals and distinguishing himself from the pack as a whole.

As 2021 draws to a close, Feenyx’s main thoughts are on taking his career to new lengths and focusing on the progression of his music. He knows where he wants to go and what he has to do to get there; all he needs is time. There is no doubt that this young star has huge things ahead of him in the future, and it will be exciting to follow his career as it progresses. Keep an eye out for Feenyx, who is well on his way to establishing a long legacy in the hip-hop music industry.

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Lil Hudak Shows Off Melodic Flow On “Helpless”

Ohio-based hip hop artist Lil Hudak made his return to the spotlight with his new track “Helpless”. The song is a follow up to his latest single “Just Wait”. “Helpless” showcases Lil Hudak’s melodic genius featuring a catchy hook and well thought out verses. Lil Hudak has a unique gift of making his listeners feel like they are in his shoes. His lyrics on the track cut deep, talking about feeling lost and needing someone to help him. From beginning to end, the track is relatable to a wide range of audiences. Please support this outstanding artist by streaming “Helpless” now.



Making the world go round with their insane talent in hip hop music is the group – B.O.Y (B3t On Yours3lf).

AK, Porsha and Charlie, is the group’s talented trio who have broken the glass ceiling of a male-dominated hip hop industry.

Long we have known stories about the many men who made waves in the ever-growing hip hop music scene all over the world. We keep on reading so much of these men about how they started their journeys and the struggles they faced to reach the top. However, not many know that women have now come to the forefront of the hip music industry as well and it is imperative to also know about their respective journeys and the success they have achieved, breaking the glass ceiling and making their presence felt in a male-dominant industry. B3t On Yours3lf is one of the rising most girls rap groups, which has been astounding people in the industry and the world with their sheer grit, passion and resilience to take over the hip hop scene and prove their mettle as women hip hop and rap stars.

B3t On Yours3lf stands tall as a modern-day rap group run entirely by a girl gang. This sounds quite unreal and unfamiliar, but it is a fact. AK, Porsha and Charlie have made women proud across the globe, proving that women can become leaders in any industry of their choice and can go ahead in creating opportunities for themselves, even amidst gender domination and competition. They are not just sexy but sassy and savage, dazzling with their talents in music, garnering the attention of many in the music world.

Porsha, AK and Charlie have become specialists in creating refined and ratchet music and express their minds and strong beliefs with their bold lyrics. Their latest track, “They Like”, is all about harmonious anthems reminding people that they deserve the best in life. The studio is their heaven, where the trio gets their peace and happiness. Also, they bring uniqueness to their songs because they are aware of each other’s life stories, which is translated into the lyrics and music they create, ultimately connecting deeply with the listeners and music lovers.

B.O.Y has become one of the most talked-about red-hot hip hop groups that don’t limit themselves to the many preconceptions about women’s success levels in the hip hop music industry. The group believes that strong-minded women are finally taking charge, changing the gender inequality norms, and music is just one way of achieving this objective.

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The Rise to Fame of an independent Hip Hop artist – M City J.R.

D’Andre Jamal Mason was born on October 27 in 1991. People recognise him by his most famous stage name, M City J.R. City is known globally as an American rapper, a singer, a songwriter and even the creator and founder of the Yacht Club Social Network brand. His brand includes photography, music, collective, and apparel. M City J.R. did not gain popularity in one night instead made a series of struggles to reach the point where he is now. 

He was the youngest brother in his family. He started his career by working on different projects. These projects did not bring in much popularity, but City became sure that he will devote his heart and soul to music for the rest of his lives. His life took a turn when he performed on the Detroit underground hip hop and rap scene. In 2014, City released his first track – Grindin’.

Releasing “PIZZA PIZZA”

M City J.R. has released a handful of singles right from a very young age. People know him for the fantastic work that he has been doing. Recently, City released a new genre of pop, disco and electronic number, “PIZZA PIZZA”. The album has made the critics surprised and has also made its way in the market. Several copies have been already sold out and are hitting everyone’s playlists. 

Moreover, the “PIZZA PIZZA” album is one of his refreshing take on the hip hop sound. We must say that this time, City just outdid himself as an artist. He did all the production on the project on his own. The song is crafted well with the sound and music and helps to get the right vibes in the right place. “PIZZA PIZZA” album released in the same fashion as “Addicted to My Ex” did. It came with no warning.

City left no hints that he was working in his studio for his new number. The song released on August 13, 2020, and it has already gained thousands of views on his YouTube channel. People have already started loving his hip hop album.

Fighting for the chance to rap

During the initial days, Mason did not gain much popularity. He devoted his heart and soul into one thing, and that is music. Mason started rapping at a very young age with one of his school friends. He often used to bunk classes and go for practices for the rap battle. Later in 2015, Mason released one more single – Salmonella. This album made him M City J.R. from Mason. On weekends, City would participate in open mic contests at the Hip-Hop Shop. 

M City J.R. would write and practise his rhymes with rage and purpose. He was so determined and passionate about music that he even used to rap about things. With no success for around a decade, City was at an all-time low. His First track – Grindin’, was not a hit. All he needed was a little push and confidence. Soon he made his way in “10 Detroit artists you should know in 2015.” Eventually, he started gaining fame and recognition.

His acclaimed album – “Addicted to My Ex.”

“Addicted to My Ex” was a turning point in City’s life. He released it in 2016. The single became a super-duper hit. People started to love him as a rapper. He also gained popularity amongst the youngsters. The music album, “Addicted to My Ex” also came with a music video. The video just went viral. It debuted on the Bubbling under Hot 100 chart. It even crossed millions of plays on TikTok.

M City J.R always worked independently. He made his own production house. He had also worked with many Detroit artists. Recently from a news source, we came to know that City started working with an international music promotion company. The company name is Royal Heir Entertainment. This company will help him to promote his music and distribute them all over to Asia. 

When your hip-hop album starts to gain recognition, it is essential to outsource, M city J.R took the right decision. You can download and listen to his recent number on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Deezer.