FaceCast – The next rising star on social app industry

FaceCast – The next rising star on social app industry

In 2018 the competition or we can call it the “social industry war” was burning like fire. Even now social app is still a hot and trending topic which was warmly discussed on the internet. Back to 2018, TikTok has emerged as one of the major player in the social app industry, along with Bigo Live, Live Me, which has steadily developed in this area. At this time, an app called FaceCast came into the stage in silence.

However it is not easy to make a firm stand in the hyper-competitive social app industry. FaceCast had encountered a huge problem at the beginning. Due to the unclear user target, floods of users from age 14 to adults came into FaceCast. Out of protecting the minors, at first FaceCast had set two zone, A zone was for minors and B zone was for adults, which worked but could not completely solved the minor issues. In this way, FaceCast had decided to cut off all the minor users, update its available users’ age to 18 plus. Till now, FaceCaststill sticks to exercise a close supervision over the platform environment, strictly forbidding minors to get into FaceCast.

FaceCast never stop to seek ways and solutions to make it safe and happy for their users.

FaceCast is a social app, where you can do your own live, interacting with the audience. Audience will like your live by sending gifts or hearts; Where you can enjoy short videos with the unique bullet-screen comments (real-time comments from viewers flying across the screen like bullets); Where you can randomly match with anyone from the world in 1-on-1; Where you can share your moments on a worldwide square, receiving attention from the world; Where you can enjoy the AI instant translation to message with anyone from the world without language barriers. In one world, it is a place where you can have a wonderful social experience on FaceCast.

No need to say that FaceCast has its own latent force to go higher or even reach itself a top spot in the social app industry. It has stably followed its growth plan for now and just wait for a good time and chance to make a big exposure. Will FaceCast be the next rising star on social app industry and win itself a top spot? The answer is let’s just wait and see. Time will tell eventually.