Savanna Rey: Social Media Super Model Turned DJ

Savanna Rey: Social Media Super Model Turned DJ

Up and coming DJ from Columbus, Ohio, Savanna Rey is looking to make her mark in the music industry. Already being an internet sensation with over 1.3 million Instagram followers should play largely in her favor while trying to gain traction in the music scene. Her large following in part is due to her illustrious modeling career and social media presence. Savanna is taking on the music industry in order to diversify her life from more than just modeling, and what better way to do that than to pursue a childhood hobby.

Ever since she can remember, Savanna has been surrounded by music. She began DJing when she was 13 years old and started to make her own songs when she was 16. Once her modeling and social media career took off, Savanna had to step away from music, but ultimately, she knew that one day she’d find her way back to her passion. Recently putting out three new songs on Spotify, the young DJ is looking to build up her profile over the course of the next year.

Currently signed to Rumor Records, Savanna Rey has a leg up on her competition with her connections alone. The world today is more about connections now more than ever, so when you pair her insane 1.3 million following on Instagram and being signed to a label, it is only a matter of time before Savanna Rey will see herself on top of the music industry.

The plan has already been laid out. Now all Savanna has to do is execute as she has in the past. This young DJ might be new to the game, but she’s got a major head start over her competition. Watch as Savanna uses this head start to distance herself further from the competition. There’s a big thing in the cards for Savanna as 2021 begins. Keep an eye out for the young artist.

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