Fashion model Bipasha Banikya on prime wardrobe essentials

Fashion model Bipasha Banikya on prime wardrobe essentials

In the world of fashion, it is always recommended to abide by a sprinkling of essentials that will design your outfits for the maximum occasion. Agreeing to this, fashion influencer Bipasha Banikya with her extraordinary stylishness and deep understanding of fashion lays down the most necessary clothing items that every female should have.


A pair of demins always save the day as they can be put together with almost everything and anything. Plus, they are super comfortable and also stylish. Thus, Bipasha considers it to be the most fundamental of a wardrobe.


What will you wear for dates and parties? For such events, hopping into jeans and a t-shirt is not a fashionable choice. Therefore, one must also consider adding a few dresses or one-piece to their wardrobe.

Lightweight jackets

Don’t you follow the art of layering up? Bipasha does and suggests including a lightweight-cozy jacket. Always settle on a bold color she says, as it will complement other colors from your closet.


From generation to generation, the primacy of t-shirt remains the same. Bipasha deems them as a base for classy street style outfits and also an ‘all-set for casual day’ outfit.


Every wardrobe needs livable foot ware that also matches the overall outfit and a pair of trendy shoes can never flunk you on that.


Being voguish cannot allow you to bypass handbags. Bipasha opines handbags as most essential for a woman. It has utility purposes but is also stylish.


Accessories are often overlooked but they are the most vital, notifies Bipasha. A simple dainty chain can completely ace your all-around appearance making you look more fashionable.

Button-up shirt

From full-sleeves to roll-up and knit knots, these shirts can be paired with everything yet bestowing that classy look. For multiple dressing, a button-up is a must says the influencer.


Sweaters are always useful. They are cozy, cool and versatile. You can have a turtleneck, V-shaped or crewneck, one according to your preferences.

Bipasha Banikya with her striking style statement is already creating beneficial fashion content for millions of people. Her fashion transition reels are just unparalleled and inspiration to multiple.