The Roadmap To Lazy Bunnies NFTs

The Roadmap To Lazy Bunnies NFTs

Everything was quiet, and peace had prevailed for the 5555 Lazy Bunnies. They were enjoying life in the comfort of their homes when the unfortunate happened. A group of teenagers accidentally began a fire, destroying 90% of their habitat. These Lazy Bunnies started to move towards the cities, searching for loving owners and new places to put up. 

Something rare about the Lazy Bunnies is that they are hand-drawn. Each of the 5555 is unique and one of its kind. They are waiting for you to take them to the moon. Are you kind enough to own a lazy bunny?


  1. At 10%

2.5 ETH is distributed between 10 discord giveaway winners at this stage, where the top 3 get the more significant shares. Additionally, 2 ETH is distributed between 5 winners from their pinned Twitter status. Airdrop 20 NFTs is given to the top 10 most engaged members in their discord community. 

Here, reinvesting funds from the presale into marketing happens to create hype for the public mint. There is also a listing of rarity tools and other NFT calendars.  

  1. At 25%

Here 5 ETH is given away to 5 lucky Lazy Bunny holders, and 1 ETH for each winner. Besides, 10 Lazy Bunny NFTs are given out to 10 random holders. It would help if you also ramped up your marketing efforts. 

  1. At 50%

At this stage, there is the creation of the community wallet. You will need to top up the community wallet with 5 ETH.

  1. At 75%

Once at this stage, you need to invest 5 ETH to purchase back Lazy Bunnies from Opensea to sweep low floor prices. 10 Lazy Bunny NFTs are awarded to 5 lucky winners from holders. 

  1. At 100%

This is the final stage. For holders, a private channel is created on discord. There is a mega 10 ETH giveaway to 3 randomly selected holders, and 5 of the Ethereum is loaded into the community wallet. Also, there is a $1000 giveaway weekly for a whole year for the holders. 

Did you also know that the community uses funds from the community wallet as they see fit at this stage? That’s right. These funds can also be sent to holders of Lazy Bunnies. Your share will depend upon the number of the Lazy Bunnies you hold. Each of their members will receive 1 NFT each from their next project integrated into Metaverse, which will be announced to holders only other discord.

Lazy Bunnies NFT Is The Future

Are you looking for Lazy Bunnies NFT? The truth is the more Lazy Bunnies you will own, the more earnings you will get. Therefore, get your Lazy Bunny NFT today and get into this unique opportunity. 

Therefore to purchase a Lazy Bunny NFT, you will first need to have some Etherium, which you can get via a FIAT on-ramp service like Coinbase or Paypal. Next, you will need to transfer Ethereum, which you just purchased, to your MetaMask wallet and buy your first NFT.

You can connect to them on Instagram or visit their website for more information.