Fast Visa Run – Dubai To Oman

Fast Visa Run – Dubai To Oman

Fast Visa Run is the newest and coolest solution for your Dubai to Oman Visa run. We have expert and friendly guides who will take the stress away. You can sit back relax, put your headphones on while we take you to Oman and back in a flash and in the cleanest and most comfortable vans in Dubai.

Fast Visa Run has great relations with all the border guards at the different entry and exit points and is knowledgeable of all the latest rules and regulations in order for you to have a smooth hassle-free experience at the border. We pick up our passengers from Marina Mall & Emirates Towers metro station in the morning and afternoon everyday of the year 365 days!!.
Our passengers are from Britain, America, Australia, Ukraine, Ireland, Singapore, EU and Others.

The trip takes less than 5 hours there and back to Dubai. Our Vans are only 2019 models fresh, clean and new with tinted windows and good air conditioning. The cost of the trip is 150 AED for your transport to Oman border and back to Dubai, 50 AED for your Oman visa (which can be obtained at the border) no need to arrange in advance and 35 AED for your UAE exit fee. That’s only 235 AED Total!. Why would you bother driving by yourself with the headache of dealing with traffic, crazy drivers, petrol and you also help the environment by doing the commute with others. You may even find your new best friend onboard after you have shared experiences with other people on the same boat as you are. Its great to hear everyone’s Dubai stories, why they are here? what they are doing? and what they are working on.
Make your visa run a fun and enjoyable experience!.

Find out why everyone is talking about Fast Visa Run.
Once you come with us you wont want to go back!.

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