Finesse Cobain Is Going Full Steam Ahead In His Approach To The Rap Music Scene

Finesse Cobain Is Going Full Steam Ahead In His Approach To The Rap Music Scene

When he was younger, Finesse Cobain moved between New Jersey and North Carolina, but now he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is pursuing his musical aspirations full-time. Finesse Cobain knows what it’s like to grow up in the slums and not make it. Knowing he was meant for more, he sat down and started to work, putting his abilities to use in order to prepare for this time. Finesse Cobain is ready to go all-in on his career in the rap music industry now that he’s had a few years of songwriting under his belt.

Finesse Cobain draws influence from Lil Wayne and Drake to add a melodic aspect to his raps, comparable to two of the finest to ever do it. He creates music in the hopes that people would be able to relate to it and experience life through his eyes. He has a distinct point of view and comes from a location where few people see things, making him a really distinctive artist.

Finesse Cobain, currently an independent artist attached to his own label “Slum Baby Management,” has huge ambitions for 2021. He just released his new single “Slum Baby,” which serves as a teaser for his debut full-length album “Slum Baby.” So far, the song has gotten a lot of positive reactions, and Cobain is excited to finish the remainder of the project.

People attempting to re-enter Finesse Cobain’s life will be a never-ending narrative as he rises through the levels of the music industry. He is being loyal to himself and not allowing extraneous noise to enter his mind, knowing that this is the most crucial time in his career thus far. Keep up with this developing talent because he will undoubtedly become a household name in the coming months.

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