Five Bay Area restaurants named to Esquire Best New Restaurants in America list

Five Bay Area restaurants named to Esquire Best New Restaurants in America list

Five Bay Area restaurants have cause for celebration subsequent to arriving on Esquires Best New Restaurants in America list.

Out of 40 businesses all through the country, five restaurants from San Francisco and the East Bay were perceived. Jordanian restaurant Shawarmaji in Oakland was among the celebrated. Gourmet Chef-owner Mohammad Abutaha let SFGATE know that after the initial shock of discovering that his restaurant made the list, he felt a massive sense of gratitude.

“That’s something I never thought would happen,” Abutaha said. “It’s one of those things that you want to achieve but the chances are slim, and you don’t really think about it. It was a surprise.”

The acknowledgment additionally reaffirmed that the work Abutaha has placed into Shawarmaji has been advantageous. Shawarmaji started as a pop-up at Forage Kitchen prior to moving into 2123 Franklin St. last November. Furthermore, since opening a brick and mortar, Abutaha has kept busy cooking chicken and lamb on rotating spits for the numerous shawarmas and Arabi plates he sells.

In that time, various clients have shared that his food helps them to remember home.

“People appreciate it,” Abutaha said. “Every time I think about the steps it took me to get here, I really think it’s fate. Things are happening for a reason.”

Among different winners included Oaklands well known Horn Barbecue, the Anchovy Bar and Abaa, which are both situated in San Francisco, and Fish & Bird Sousaku Izakaya in Berkeley.

“I can’t wait to see all the happy faces tonight during our service,” said Yoshika Hedberg, co-owner of Fish & Bird. “Our chefs and all our staff have been working so very hard during this pandemic. Being recognized is an affirmation we’ve been doing the right thing and on the right track.”