What is RealLink, a new social crypto currency for livestreams, games and metaverse

What is RealLink, a new social crypto currency for livestreams, games and metaverse

RealLink is a crypto token designed for social networking optimization. In the future, it will be applied to metaverses and games as well.       

 Why buy REAL?      

RealLink advocates “green mining, pool mining”. And has multiple world number ones: 

1: RealLink is the only digital token in the world with both value and price references. The generation of each token corresponds to the real money spent by users on the social network compensating content creators’ time and material. Social networking platforms use tokens to pay content creators, they should be able to use platform revenue to buy back tokens at a price above a positive threshold. 

2: RealLink is the world’s number one digital token based on active utilization, rather than large percentages of HODLers on Bitcoin and Doge network. Because social networks have a huge user base. Currently, BuzzCast App with tens of millions of users have already integrated. When users top-up, everyone can mine for free without using hardware resources, and content creators can transfer and withdraw their token revenues. 

3: RealLink is the world’s first scalable project where both green mining and token to fiat trading can take place on the exchange. 

How to Buy (REAL)

Ready to get started?If you’re already up on the basics and just want to place a trade, you can go to Bittrex or Sunswap to buy RealLink.  

Finally, the smart contract of RealLink has set 29 times of mining deductions, and each time will deduct 1/4 current mining amount. We believe that RealLink will have a bright future. 

Join the Community (REAL)

RealLink Telegram: https://t.me/joinRealLink

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealLink001

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/RealLinkcrypto

Website: https://www.reallink.vip/

Tron Contract Address: TGBfBt6Y2Dm3RHdNpZAdqywBsvfdysf834