For all those who aspire to serve the nation! Here is good news!

For all those who aspire to serve the nation! Here is good news!

The defence preparation institutes have come up lately in great numbers adding to the confusion of the students … Which to chose for getting selected…?

Often the authentic ones get shadowed and the marketed ones looks prominent ..yet the old and the well established reads aloud their authenticity as their long history defines how arduously they have established their faith and reputation ..unknown to many.

LA MILITAIRE Academy is one such academy having to its record more than fifteen thousand selections both as officers and other ranks with an enviable history of thirty-two successful years.

La Militaire Academy under the patronage of ex-armed forces officers and the supervised execution of an experienced an ex-armed forces trainee and psychologist with an ultra-rich history of twenty-five years of enabling selection of candidates in a high ratio of selection.

Dr. Arun K. Shukla (chief executive and faculty captain) has been an highly awarded acamedian with credit of U.P. Ratna awarded by the Chief Minister, Education Excellence award by the Ex-Governor of Uttar Pradesh H.E. Shri Ram Naik, Best Educationist award by the present Governor of Madhya Pradesh H.E. Shri Lal Ji Tandon, Outstanding Educationist by present cabinet minister in the central government Hon. Shri Arjun Meghwal and ex-cabinet minister in the central government Hon. Shri Kal Raj Ji Mishra, honoured by the hon Mayor of Kanpur City and many officers along with many recognitions to its honorary founder Colonel Shiva Mangal Shukla by the armed forces organisation.

The dynamism of the chief executive and the faculty captain Dr. Arun K. Shukla has been very instrumental in setting milestones of selection unprecedented and his efforts to digitalised in his outreach programme, the students desiring to join the forces stand promised of great success, and many who stood deprived would be benefitted.

La Militaire Academy is not a new venture but thirty-two years of history is proof of its successful and sustained efforts putting it apart from many others.

It’s not a professionally structured organisation as a commercial venture but for them the pride is foremost that makes them true and genuine companion and guide to defence aspirants who desire to be armed forces officers or other ranks

Students are advised to be logical to value such a great institution of unparalleled history ..sure success would follow as the statistics of the ratio of results speaks aloud.