Ritika Gulati Explains – Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle for Kids 

Ritika Gulati Explains – Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle for Kids 

More often than not, out of love or out of ignorance, we tend to ignore kids’ lifestyle. We tend to forget the very important thing about kids that – they are at their growing stage and they need to have a healthy lifestyle. Believe it or not, having a healthy lifestyle is crucial for the overall development of children. And when we say development, it includes physical, emotional, and mental aspect. 

In a discourse, speaking about the kids’ lifestyle and why it is important, renowned Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist, Ritika Gulati said, “Kids are the most important part of the society. They are the future of the nation. If our future will not have a healthy life, country will suffer ultimately. Therefore, it is essential that our kids follow the right lifestyle.” 

Ritika, who has been featured in numerous news channels, works with all types of individuals from students to professionals, young to oldies and even celebrities. Her only motive as a Fitness & Nutrition Expert is to find ways to help individuals have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy good health. Ritika is exceptionally insightful and understanding, who can make a massive difference to anyone’s life wishing to focus on both areas nutrition and fitness or either of one.

She further said that kids can have a healthy lifestyle and they don’t need to do anything special for it, not even their parents will require to do a lot. All they have to do is – eat healthy and indulge in physical activities.

Ritika personally believes that these days kids are indulged in more sedentary lifestyle, which is not good for them. Instead of playing outside they rather prefer to play on mobiles and computers that makes their life inactive. So, Ritika says parents should see their activities and make sure that their kids play more outside, rather than playing on gadgets and she believes that parents should make time for their kids to ensure their healthy life. 

Hope now you know how to help your kids to have a healthy lifestyle