FORCES OF LIFE: Anxiety, Depression, Self Help, Social Skills, Success – Changing Life for the Better

FORCES OF LIFE: Anxiety, Depression, Self Help, Social Skills, Success – Changing Life for the Better

Psychology, Counseling, and Education are at a “tipping point” on the edge of a massive glacier. In the 1970’s an average of 25,000 Americans a year committed suicide. Today, that figure stands at 47,000 per year, every year.

Despite the fact that we now have six times more psychologists, psychiatrists, and school councilors than we had then, and about as great an increase in anti-depressive medication, we have failed massively. Unhappiness in life is epidemic. Our schools now have police watching our children. Where did we go wrong?

The only defense against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.” John Locke.

We could easily use the existing educational system for a program of preventive psychology based on the some of the better principles of psychology by the best minds in psychology. Albert Bandura, in an almost unknown experiment, found he could use modeling films to prevent panic and counter the fear of dogs in forty children, simply by showing them films of a happy boy and a dog. We can use some of the methods in this book to accomplish a similar success with 40 children or adults at once, something no individual counseling can accomplish.

By combining two of the best scientific methods, Systematic Observation, as used by Jane Goodall and Margaret Mead, with the Experiments of Albert Bandura and others, it is possible to dramatically change the problems of life for the better. We can deal with cyberbullying, feelings of failure, anxiety, depression, prejudice and more.

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Help, Social Skills, Success: What is it the greatest minds in psychology and those who are the most successful in life know about success and failure? How can we use this knowledge to prevent problems and increase success? Knowledge is a key to success and to surviving failure.

“If only I knew then, what I know now…” is the most common regret of life. it fairly screams the critical importance of knowledge, yet there are few sources to learn from.

Knowledge and understanding can change your brain as effectively as any therapy. Preventing psychological problems can be more effective than treating them after they occur. This book is about how learning from others can protect ourselves and our children from the pain of living and learn the social skills and knowledge that make us successful in our personal lives, raising our children, our families.

This book is an attempt to provide the understanding we need for ourselves and our children to do well in a world that often makes no sense, is often irrational, and difficult to understand. In their own words, we will read about the experiences that inspired the lives and success of others that help give us a hint at a blueprint of life.

EDUCATING people to understand the problems they will face in life, the skills they need to flourish is far more effective than psychotherapy after the fact. Yet psychologists do not get paid for preventing problems.

PREVENTION is always more effective than using therapy after problems arise. Preventing heart disease and stroke by lowering blood pressure is always more effective than treating the problems after they begin. Knowledge can help to prevent the problems of life.

SOCIAL SKILLS are basic to functioning in school, in relations with our spouse, our children, our employees, our business, our life.