6 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Staying in Istanbul as a First Time Tourist

6 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Staying in Istanbul as a First Time Tourist

The name ‘Istanbul’ tends to make travelers visit there over and over again. If your bucket list contains Istanbul and you want to make this holiday special by visiting this beautiful city, know that you are making the best decision. Istanbul is the city of paradise and magic. You wouldn’t regret visiting here twice or thrice.

However, it is better not to get overwhelmed with your trip and keep things as they should since your first-time visit.

This article will talk about the things you need to avoid doing during your stay in Istanbul.

Don’t Hesitate Eating Street Food: One of Istanbul’s best parts is its food and friendly people around. When you roam around the city, it will amaze you in every corner. No matter how concerned you are about health and hygiene, there’s nothing wrong with tasting that amazingly delicious street food. 

However, try not to make your tummy full because it can also make it troublesome.

Don’t Drink Tap Water: It’s OK to eat street food because those are pretty hygienic. But drinking tap water could bring danger because you don’t know the source. It is better to drink bottled water supplied from the hotel or restaurant. It’s for your safety. 

It is always suggested to maintain hygiene, no matter where you visit. To get a safe and trouble-free tour in Istanbul, you can also visit this site madeinturkeytours.com for tour packages with experienced guides.

Avoid Staying Near the Sights: Many travelers think that staying near the Blue Mosque or other sites can be convenient, but it’s entirely not. You may get it easy, but you can’t encounter the actual local lifestyle of Istanbul people. Istanbul is full of life, and things are happening around. 

You will miss out on the local streets, buildings, bars, and restaurants in the city if you stay near the sites only.

Don’t Forget to Bargain While Shopping: Tourists might think local shoppers don’t ask for much money for all those beautiful things in the bazaar. But they do ask for more than usual when seeing the tourists. It would help if you did not hesitate to bargain in the first place and do it confidently. 

However, don’t buy everything you see as attractive but don’t need at all.

Avoid Checking in at Restaurants Near to Sights: If you want a budget-friendly trip, avoiding sitting in the sight-view restaurants is wise. They all demand high expenses from the tourists that you should not overspend. Try to find out local restaurants because they serve traditional delicious food at affordable costs.

Avoid Getting Too Drunk: It is better not to get too drunk on your way back hotel. No matter if you travel solo or with someone, you can fall into fraudulence or hijacking if you are not conscious. Plus, don’t trust anyone you don’t know at all. Sharing personal information and story is also not a good idea when you roam around.