Fostering Quality Teaching and Academic Excellence at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse

Fostering Quality Teaching and Academic Excellence at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse

“We invite you to explore the opportunity of joining our team in bringing quality childcare and early childhood education to our area. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse maintains a reputation of unrivaled distinction in childcare and serves as a castle for a “once upon a time” experience, enabling each child to develop their imagination and grow socially and academically. The unique characteristics and services distinguish Little Sunshine’s Playhouse as a premier preschool program.”


Preschool education brings significant changes in children’s learning by initiating various activities that inspire imagination, spark curiosity, and encourage discovery through play. The preschool teachers are responsible for expanding the young children’s vocabulary, creativity, artistic abilities, and social skills. Teachers also use storytelling, rhymes, and acting games to help the children develop and grow their language and vocabulary. In addition, the playgroup teachers prepare them for pre-kindergarten and primary class by building their cognitive skills.

Having the guidance of preschool teachers, young children can understand the core values and principles of attending a school. The teachers use a variety of methods to help children grow cognitively and conceptually. They seek to identify and meet the needs and interests of every child through their day-to-day experiences and establish strong communication with parents.

Highly trained teachers at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool teach multiple educational programs that are age-appropriate and inspiring for young growing kids. The innovative teaching strategies help boost children’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. In addition, highly qualified teachers employ industry-leading technology to modernize their teaching standards in their education programs.


Teachers Do Miracles with Their Knowledge

The early childhood education teachers at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool have developed discovery-focused programs that facilitate children learning during preschool days. Under the infant education program, highly competent teachers and parents’ assistance cater to the developmental needs of children. They create predictable routines and nurturing classroom environments that foster social and emotional development. In addition, skilled early childhood educators cultivate a keen sense of developmental turning points connected to childhood years that enable them to create an age-appropriate and engaging curriculum for preschool kids.


Children Blossom in a Nurturing Environment

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool interactive curriculum facilitate preschool teachers to build positive relationships with children. Infant classrooms are designed to provide a safe environment to help small kids play and enjoy, simultaneously helping them to explore the world using sensory skills. Early sensory skills infants use to express and communicate include face-to-face, smiling, talking, singing, making faces, or gently speaking to the person they are familiar with. The innovative teaching strategies will help teachers and caregivers use routine times to nurture children’s curiosity and create a language-rich environment that creates meaningful interactions.

Kids gain more curiosity to explore new things; therefore, the early educators at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse provide engaging, hands-on learning opportunities to foster their exploring skills. In addition, the teachers, knowing each child’s nature, set up unique learning centers that develop gross motor reading and writing skills, listening skills, problem-solving techniques, and increased social engagement in young kids.


Playful Learning for Toddlers

Fostering an interactive climate in the classroom engages kids with purposeful play. A team of talented teachers follows an interactive curriculum for toddlers that includes activities that help meet individual child developmental needs. The program assists teachers in setting a physical environment as a learning tool for kids. Children aged between 3 to 5 love to participate in recreational fun activities that are knowledge-based, interactive, and age-appropriate. These include reading books and stories, creating with art, singing and playing musical instruments, going outdoors to explore with sand and water, gardening, and outdoor games.

Implementing a high-quality program focusing on responsive care is essential to the growth and development of children from birth to age 3. The exciting and motivating lesson plans help develop social-emotional, physical, language, literacy, cognitive, and mathematics development. The study plan prepared by experienced teachers at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse contains everything teachers need to know. In addition, the program develops important social skills in toddlers that develop a secure attachment with the important people in their lives and gain confidence in themselves as learners.


Setting Up Pre-Kindergarten Learning Centers

Skilled pre-kindergarten teachers help build essential skills by carefully crafting engaging activities that balance instruction and purposeful play. At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool, pre-kindergarten teachers enable young children to develop their motor skills, cognitive and social skills. Children learn to work independently and in groups by following robust early childhood education approaches. Children’s peer or group work is assisted by experienced and friendly teachers who teach them how to collaborate. The creative activities done in group work include creative arts activities such as writing stories, poems, essays, drawing, painting, and drama. During group work sessions, kids enjoy retelling stories, observing, and describing the physical and natural world. Carrying out such activities in classrooms boost their creativity and thinking skills.

The pre-kindergarten education program aims to improve language and literacy skills. It involves activities related to listening, counting, and writing. Reading aloud with young children is the best strategy that teachers can employ to develop a love for reading and create the kind of language-rich environments that support language development. Reading strategy also builds vocabulary and conversation skills to communicate with peers and others in their surroundings.

The educational program of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool develops digital curricular resources for the professional development of teachers. The digital resources help teachers save time and plan innovative and meaningful activities to develop fine motor skills, reading, writing, and math readiness.

To get involved with a home-like classroom environment, toddler feels valued and respected and learn to practice self-control, patience, and empathy. Thus, the educational program of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool spark new synergies across school systems, increasing individual growth and development.


Reggio Emilia Approach Adopted by Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool Educators

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool’s curriculum for infant and toddler programs, preschool, and the pre-kindergarten program is based on the Reggio Emilia approach that helps teachers develop age-appropriate and creative activities for young growing kids. The preschool teachers come to know that learning is based on relationships across all learning spectrums. This demonstrates building a close connection between teachers, parents, and children.

According to Reggio Emilia’s principles, teachers act as the best partners, nurturers, and guides who help facilitate the exploration of children’s interests. A teacher listens and observes their children and looks for inventive opportunities to boost their creative, social, and exploring skills. In addition, teachers document the learning process within the classroom. By implementing the Reggio Emilia principle in their classroom environment, the teachers create a warm, cordial, and welcoming atmosphere that enables children to thrive, improve communication, collaboration, and curiosity.

Thus, innovative teachers are lifelong learners and inspire young kids to foster their creativity, engage in fun and meaningful learning and develop social skills that enable them to respond to challenging real-life situations.

“Little Sunshine’s Playhouse is a great school. Their staff is incredible. They have high-quality classrooms for children with an amazing Reggio-inspired curriculum. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse is passionately serving thousands of families by providing quality early education care to children ages 6 weeks to 6 years.”