André Duqum and the passion that he has for his work

André Duqum and the passion that he has for his work

As CEO of a media company, Duqum is convinced of the power of content creation to create uplifting and impactful messaging with a desire for positive change in the world.


The rise of social networks and digitalization has caused communication to diversify into new areas such as content creation and social influence. Technology has also expanded the universe of media and their audiences, giving the digital community an unprecedented power to communicate their ideas, opinions, and information on a variety of topics.


André Duqum, a 25 years old American content creator, understood the power of the media since he developed a passion for storytelling in the social networks, determining that the media is the ultimate space to amplify voices, which has to be regulated to broadcast messages that the world needs to hear.


Determined to revolutionize communication, Duqum founded Meraki Media to install the idea that the media has to be a medicine for the world by creating content with absolute love and devotion to leave a piece of the creators and a positive message in their products, following Andre’s intention to empower conscious creators with the tools they need to produce high-quality content and reach a wider audience. This includes Podcasting Production, Influencer Growth Marketing, and Social Media Management. 


The rise in consciousness is what moves André to turn Meraki Media into a powerful vehicle in uplifting the voices of societies’ game-changers, rule-breakers and light-workers. It is therefore that he worked with well-known celebrities such as Logan Paul, Matthew McConaughey, Willow Smith, and many more.


But Duqum’s target is not only the social media stars, as he focuses primarily on the beginners, providing services such as the Meraki Media comprehensive and pre-recorded live Masterclass with everything from developing, hosting, and producing a podcast, where a content creator can become a better host and interviewer, and can improve in production quality, acquiring abilities on the creation of professional content and the recording of high-quality podcasts remotely.


By condensing years of his expertise on filming, editing, and posting podcasts, André empowers the content creators with the knowledge on how to stand out from the crowd, make a show most authentic, and various tips and tricks that the professional creators use. Also, he wants to cover both the hosting skills and the technical knowledge needed to create a thriving podcast.


Andre’s success led him to be associated with brands that have a desire for co-created content with a positive change in the world, such as Impaulsive, Careyes México, Envision Festival, Lovesac, Alo, Four Seasons, and more.


In addition, to achieve his goals as an entrepreneur, Duqum has not abandoned his first passion, the content creation, and the story-telling, as he reached more than 59k followers on Instagram and more than 25k followers in YouTube sharing wisdom and knowledge to make the world understand that videos and photos can move people and drive changes that every emitter must wish to see.