From Italian TV to Dubai: the transformation of Fabrizia Lucia Franceschetti into the world of luxury real estate

From Italian TV to Dubai: the transformation of Fabrizia Lucia Franceschetti into the world of luxury real estate

I present to you the extraordinary story of a 37-year-old girl, Fabrizia Lucia Franceschetti, born and raised in Vigevano,Italy,  who decided to completely revolutionize her life in pursuit of success. Today, we find her in Dubai, immersed in an important path in the field of Real Estate. How did she get everything she owns today? The answer lies in her great passion for travel, which led her to obtain a diploma in tourism.

Fabrizia decided to broaden her horizons and perfect her language skills by moving to England to study English. During her stay in Brighton, she dedicated herself with determination to study and personal enrichment, completely immersing herself in British culture. Her thirst for knowledge and adventure then drove her to Australia, where she lived passionately for six years. During this time Fabrizia has deepened her skills and experienced complete immersion in Australia’s rich culture. Not satisfied with having discovered only a part of the world, she embarked on an adventure in India, passionately dedicating herself to Yoga and REIKI, gaining a deep understanding of spirituality and inner well-being. After this experience, she returned to Italy and found work behind the scenes at Mediaset. However, she didn’t feel she was performing to her full potential in that role and decided to embark on a journey to Dubai.

Fabrizia’s arrival in the bustling city of Dubai was a turning point in her life, even though it occurred at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges encountered, she was able to quickly adapt to the situation and had the intuition to create her own business of luxury face masks. This initiative proved to be an instant success, providing her with invaluable sales experience and enabling her to establish meaningful contacts with a discerning clientele. During this time, Fabrizia realized the importance of marketing and started building an online presence, using platforms like Instagram and TikTok to share her story and experiences.

Thanks to her communication skills and the interest aroused by her social media pages, she attracted the attention of a top real estate agency via LinkedIn. Despite her initial misgivings, she accepted the job offer and started working for them in September. Since that time, it has been a continuous success. Her talent in the real estate field and her ability to connect with high caliber real estate developers and clients have led her to become one of the top in this industry.

Today, thanks to her pages on Instagram and TikTok, Fabrizia has become a real icon in the world of Real Estate. Her ability to tell engaging stories and share valuable advice has captured the attention of thousands of people around the world. Her social pages have become a source of inspiration for those wishing to pursue a career in real estate or seeking advice on the best investment strategies. Its influence and authenticity have caused many to regard it as a benchmark in the industry.

Fabrizia also believes that Dubai’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, thriving economy, and world-class infrastructure make it an ideal destination for both business and leisure. The city’s seamless fusion of innovation and luxury creates an irresistible allure that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Despite the success achieved, Fabrizia remains humble and grateful for all the opportunities she has had along the way. She continues to work with passion and commitment, tackling the challenges that arise and always keeping the goal of growing and surpassing herself. Her message to young people is clear: whatever goal may seem impossible, it can be achieved with determination, commitment and a good dose of perseverance. Her story is living proof that dreams can come true if you put your all into it.

Indeed, she is currently engrossed in preparing a range of projects for young individuals worldwide. Her strong connection with these ambitious minds stems from their shared passion for learning and working, mirroring Fabrizia’s own drive. Remarkably, each one of them has reached out to her, seeking guidance and even expressing a desire for her to help them secure employment, even without pay. Fabrizia greatly appreciates the exceptional qualities of these individuals, and it is this admiration that fuels her commitment to developing a project exclusively for them – something she herself never had the chance to pursue.