How an Investment Inquisitor, Nico Lorenzo Managed to Cling the Social Media Trends Via His Blogs!

A young brat from Prana, holding a family of 4, is managing to live a life of success and perseverance.

A perfect blend of determination and prosperity, Nico Lorenzo is now the Instagramer of the moment and a big-time entrepreneur. Nico is an experienced real estate and now into import and export business. This doesn’t end here, Mr. Lorenzo is currently working in Argentina and the United States with different investment companies altogether.

The work of an inspiring person doesn’t end in a small box, but the responsibilities are quite huge and therefore to help people learn the trick and techniques, Nico wrote a book as well about How to generate revenue and create an online profitable store as his one step is into import and exports as well. His knowledge towards business and how to flourish the same is not limited but something that can help many, it’s that vast.

Apart from his work life, he is a cherished influencer with a following of 1.2 million on Instagram, 100,000 on YouTube and so on and so forth. His page basically inspires family bonding and how a family of four make wonders all day. Making videos that inspire family relations and work, making them popular and worth watching. Showcasing how to face problems, getting over the obstacles and tackle them all together and apart from that how to maintain firm market position is all under one family.
When it comes to success, Nico can be awarded the title of a young successful entrepreneur who accomplished it all with a lot of joy and hard work hand in hand. His journey wasn’t simple though, but an amusing one. Facing a lot of issues of being impatient and anxious at some point of time, he crossed this hurdle as well of coping up with the downfalls he ever faced and came up with flying colors resilient.

Learning from a mind like Nico’s is an achievement only if you use it in the righteous of its way. Today he can count himself as a young successful brat, who achieved it all at a very nominal age and in his 30s.
A family from Paraná that floods Instagram with joy every day and that, with each of its occurrences, amuses and entertains its followers. Moreover, the networks and content they build to connect and gain followers flourish both their business and social lives. This inspiring persona is a legend in his field and believes in victory but what is more important is the ability to never give up no matter how and what.


How Annetta Powell Became a Massively Successful Real-Estate Mogul

Most people only have one source of income coming in each month. Unfortunately, this can lead to severe consequences if you lose your job. Annetta Powell is a real estate mogul who has found success diversifying her income and never giving up on business.

Powell worked as a Materials Coordinator from the ages 19 to 24. At that job, she realized that she would never be wealthy working for someone else. “I knew I wouldn’t become a millionaire if I worked there, and that was my dream,” Powell says, “I had to quit and start something new.” She purchased her first real estate property for $18,000 USD and flipped it, netting $24,000 USD in profit. Although there were bumps along the way like the 2008 financial crisis, Powell has purchased, renovated, and sold more than 600 properties totaling $50 Million USD in real estate sales. In addition to her income from buying and selling properties, she diversified her portfolio by taking on a large number of rental properties, which bring in passive income every month. She also owns five tax franchises called Tax Expert and a Luxury transportation company known as Blitz Luxury Rentals that offer chauffeured driven party buses and luxury vehicles to anyone who wants to be chauffeured driven in style. “What I’ve achieved is bigger than I ever dreamed of. Now that I’ve put in all of this hard work, I truly feel wealthy.”

She’s passionate about helping others achieve her kind of success with real estate. Powell hosts classes on How to Become a Successful real estate advisor and how to create true freedom in your life. Her book Finding, Fixing & Flipping Properties has helped hundreds of people follow her formula for success. “I want other people to feel how I feel when I wake up in the morning,” she says. “I don’t want them to be tied down to jobs they hate. Real estate is a way to work for yourself, and I want as many people as possible to have access to it.”

The real estate market can be challenging to break into. Still, Annetta Powell is evidence that making a living buying, fixing, selling, and renting houses is possible. If this is something you’re interested in, she advises you to dive in and start your journey right away.


B2MCity real estate will become the biggest website in the UK and the US

B2MCity real estate website will become the biggest website for listing properties for sale and rent from the US and UK because of the founder of it named Stefan Stan. Stefan is a global advertising director executive and specialist with the experience to deliver high-quality services for companies like pages. What makes him and his branding projects so different from others? Is the Brand House’s attention that builds around his targeted audience. His professional website is!

Stefan as Advertising Director Executive for US and UK website is focused on the category of properties that have a manager ready to rent his property until is at a sale. Many similar websites are creating a core audience from people who are not improving the house where they live. B2MCity will build an economic stake for those renters who want to become owners of the rented house or apartment. This idea was made because of Stefan’s life experience living in a shared house from a graduate community of Birmingham United Kingdom.

Stefan believes that to build a brand house like the B2MCity Real Estate website pages you must offer attention to three important elements for your success, define and share: category insights, core insights, your target very good. By creating a good brand positioning you will have a similar success like Stefan brands have right now!

Stefan thinks that B2MCity will become the next bank of the future starting with these simple online services for listing ads for property managers around the globe, mostly in the USA and UK. People love more and more cryptocurrencies and they will implement their own smart contracts soon after Stefan will sell his economic stake from the Forsage project. List your property on their website and try a talk about boosting your sale with their advertising services on google ads If you have a sale for a property with a high value



A new docuseries on YouTube delves deep into the reality behind real estate.

Houston Hustle documents the everyday lives of agents on the Julia Wang Team.

“I want to show the grit, the glamor, and most of all the hustle that it takes to make it in this industry,” Wang states. “Because it’s not all parties and pretty dresses like you see on some reality TV … there’s a lot of sweat and tears behind the scenes.”

Wang has been courted by many reality TV producers in the past five years. “I could never get excited about the concepts they were pitching. They all wanted to typecast me in a way that didn’t feel authentic.”

Ranked the #1 Houston Realtor on Social Media, Wang has built a large following based on her honesty about real estate and the challenges she has faced. “Being scripted would have eroded the brand that I have worked so hard to build.”

Then one day she realized that she could still use video to share her truth – and do it her way. She hired a videographer to tail her team from mentor meetings to million dollar listings.

Before our eyes we see Wang’s fledgling agents flounder, at first, then slowly begin to flourish.

One week Leah tells Julia she can’t work because “the dog ate her laptop charger” (yes, she did); the next she lands her first listing live on camera. A working mom of four, we watch Rebecca suffer many personal setbacks before finally hitting her stride.

“That is hustle,” says Wang. “That is what we do. Becoming a successful realtor is all about overcoming your own limitations and documenting that journey on screen has been amazing.”

You can stream Houston Hustle on YouTube, or visit the website to learn more about the show and its cast.


4 Steps To Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai’s Thriving Industry

Dubai is getting a lot of boosts in the real estate industry in recent years. The Palm Islands, which consists of Palm Jumeirah, Deira, and Palm Jebel Ali, now offers a lot of residential options for ex-pats, students, and business executives. And properties come with different varieties depending on your budget and preferences. That’s why it is never surprising to also see the increase in the number of real estate agents in the area.

It seems like being a real estate agent is a viable career option in Dubai right now. Fortunately, if you’re already a real estate agent in your home, you can start working as one in Dubai after passing some requirements. Although there are trusted sites like Fazwaz that offers property listings, the job of a broker is still an essential part of a real estate business. Here are the four steps each aspiring agent should pass to start working in Dubai.

1. Research for the Best and Most Trusted Brokerage Firms

Here’s an important decision to make before becoming a Dubai real estate agent: choosing the best brokerage firms. Likely, top brokerage firms will only get the top of the crop and are experts in their field. The firm you’ll choose will also be the one to provide you with other things such as necessary visas to enable your employment in the city. It’s recommended that you choose trusted brokerages known for valuing their agents’ welfare.

2. Get a Residency Visa

To become an agent or a broker in Dubai, you need to submit proof that you’re going to be practicing your craft in the area. This means you need to obtain a residency visa and become a legal resident of Dubai. Your employer should vouch for it for you, but in case you don’t have one, try contacting some brokerage firms first. Each residency visa is valid for two years and needs to be renewed.

3. Attend the RERA Certified Training

All the new agents will have to take the Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers that costs about AED 2,500. This training is usually a two-day affair and needs to be attended personally. Each training course is held at the RERA Training Center. Take note that the payment should be made personally and before the class. Don’t forget to bring your passport and visa copy.

4. Pass the RERA Exam

After the training, new agents are expected to pass the RERA exam, which is offered by the Dubai Real Estate Institute. Once you passed the exam, you can now start to work as a real estate agent in Dubai. If you’re going to work in the area for more than one year, make sure to renew your license every year. Your license will be given to you by your broker once it is available. All you have to do is to hone your skills as a real estate agent.