From no formal education to now educating millions of people

From no formal education to now educating millions of people

It is said that “incredible success is gain when you are keeping your eyes on your goals”. For that you must have an aim in your mind that you have to achieve at any price. Sometimes your brain works, and you start making ways for yourself. Everyone in the world wants to make money faster more than others. Lesiba Mothupi is doing work for generations and educating people. He is a businessman and has an incredible journey. 

The Journey Of An Entrepreneur:

Lesiba Mothupi is an Entrepreneur working for his family and wants to educate the young generation through his work. Lesiba Mothupi is handling a million-dollar business. He was born in 1997 in a town in South Africa which is named Polokwane. He used to work at the age of 14. He worked as an entrepreneur with his friend. He wants to make his way to follow his dreams, but he can’t. It just because he hasn’t enough money to make a path for it.

At the age of 15, he develops his interest in skateboarding. He searched and learned more about it. The most significant change in the life of Lesiba Mothupi came when he lost his friend. He lost himself too. The incredible changes lead him to be drunk and smoke every time.

Fortunately, Lesiba thinks about his family. At the age of 19, he used to learn about Forex trading and felt for it. Then he used to work, but he failed in it. He gains a debut of 100k.

Soon, he didn’t lose hope and stay motivated for his mission. He took up his goals with himself.

Forex Chaser:

A man who is not admirable to society is now running a million-dollar business institute. At the age of 22, he works with institutes and earns a million in a month and more in the next month. Then he established an institute Forex Chasers Motto. Lesiba Mothupi is now a young YouTuber and influencing people with work. Recently, he brought a car Mercedes Benz A45. Forex Chaser is educating people’s skills and developing ideas to make money.