GaGa Shu – Changing the aging woman

GaGa Shu – Changing the aging woman

Gaga Shu , 48 years old, the founder of Youershi. Working in Hong Kong’s financial sector for 15 years, the company she managed has consistently ranked the first in Hong Kong’s financial transaction volume for many years. Although she is only 48 years old, she has 15 years of Internet operation experience, and her business involves online games, finance and other fields.

The Youershi break through the current fight decline method with the traditional shortcomings, popular point, the Youershi’s three core technology, low poly peptide synthesis of supercritical technology, high frequency waveform micro spray technology, light pressure infiltration technology improved the activity of decaying substance respectively, increase the number of active objects penetrate the skin and speed, balance the distribution of active matter, can implement efficient, all-round to activate skin cells, achieve the goal of frozen age even countercurrent.

After working on company management for many years, she found that her skin was gradually aging. While actively exploring anti-aging methods and through the recommendation of her expert friends, she got acquainted with experts in the field of biological peptide anti-aging, finally, the idea of developing safe and reliable anti-aging products to help women with the same experience was born.

As an outstanding entrepreneur, Gaga Shu ‘s executive is beyond doubt. She established a team by inviting experts and scholars from various fields around the world to participate in the production of products. After ten years of preparations, Youershi will be launched on the market in August 2020. There are three core technologies of Youershi: supercritical oligopeptide synthesis technology, high-frequency waveform micro-jet technology, and light pressure permeation technology .

As a veteran entrepreneur, Gaga Shu is well aware of the problems of serious product fraud caused by the rapid expansion of the medical aesthetics industry and the uneven qualifications of the employees. In order to ensure that every woman who uses Youershi can get the delicate and beautiful skin as desired, Gaga Shu refused the rapid expansion bonus brought by store marketing , and chose word-of-mouth marketing to enter the market. Not only that, she requires that the product must be serviced by technicians who have undergone rigorous training, then every customer used Youershi will be invited to add herself as WeChat friend to personally understand customer needs.

Faced with the excellent effects of the product, Gaga Shu did not take the opportunity to drive up the price, but sold it at a low price of 20% of the anti-aging products on the market, and uses personal experience to prove the strength of the product. For her, it is of great significance to share the anti-aging opportunities of skin with more people

 Gaga Shu is not only an experienced entrepreneur, but also an entrepreneur who can go deep into the hearts of customers. Like thousands of women, Gaga Shu also has the idea of pursuing beauty. As a part of the pursuit of beauty, skin is the focus of Gaga Shu.

Her is able to understand women’s strong desire for skin radiance, as well as the traditional anti-aging methods such as skin lift, wrinkle needle, thread carving and ultrasonic force. She can also understand women’s fear of the high price and cold environment of beauty salons. Therefore, she puts herself in the customer’s shoes and is welcomed by customers They are highly praised.