Kashif Tahir, aka Kay Tee sheds light on why digital marketing is important and how it leads brands to exponential success.

Kashif Tahir, aka Kay Tee sheds light on why digital marketing is important and how it leads brands to exponential success.

Kay Tee founded ‘Cuddle Marketing LLC’ for his quest to make people, brands and businesses successful through his futuristic business approaches.

Today, creating a powerful brand image has become the need of the hour and people and companies all over the world are looking to only increase their presence, more leads, sales and ultimately prominence in their respective fields. This is when digital marketing comes into the picture that promises them to help them earn better reach and presence through utilizing out of the box digital marketing methods, techniques and strategies that can provide them with exponential success. However, for the same, people need experts to lead them towards this success and who better than Kashif Tahir, aka Kay Tee today as a digital marketing expert, who has to his credit a colossal number of clients, under his firm Cuddle Marketing LLC.

The young and talented business mind from Lahore, Pakistan says a powerful brand image can become a powerful weapon for utilizing it in the battle of digital disruption. Today, Kashif Tahir explains why he believes digital marketing is essential. He says that gone are the days of traditional marketing where costs were too high and it also never guaranteed the sought results and profits. Digital marketing is the new cool and is more sought-after because of its cost-effectiveness. Also, it is something that caters to mobile consumers. Kay Tee says that this is the best time to run digital marketing campaigns, directed towards consumers on mobile and these gadgets have also transformed into influencers for purchasing decisions. A great digital marketing strategy and campaign can also help in building brand reputation says the ace digitalpreneur. People today, want to know more details and information about the brands they wish to purchase from and once they are delivered what they are promised, a much better and stronger relationship can be developed with the target audience. A great buying experience will encourage these consumers to keep engaging with the site, which in turn increases the brand reputation.

Talking about how digital marketing boosts the brand and leads them to exponential success, Kay Tee says that Internet has brought the new phenomenon of going viral. With trending posts, memes, content, hashtags, etc. people can make their content go viral. Digital marketing also helps in creating powerful brand profiles. Customers today want to see how authentic and real brands are and whether they are recognized by more people on the internet. The more powerful a profile seems backed with powerful content, the more people would visit it and would want to buy from, explains Kashif Tahir.

He is a one of a kind digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, who’s knowledge and passion creates out of the box digital marketing strategies that go a long way for brands and businesses.

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