German startup ‘’ develops decentralized B2B Technology Marketplace

German startup ‘’ develops decentralized B2B Technology Marketplace

The Munich-based tech startup has been researching a novel neuromorphic computing approach since 2019, in which the blockchain is implemented as the main component. In addition, the company wants to bring the market for neuromorphic computing chips closer together and create a decentralized platform for trading the technologies.

The advancing development of artificial intelligence requires more and more computing power, which can be solved by using neuromorphic systems. This involves the imitation of brain processes by computer systems, which means that very high computing power can be achieved. Experts estimate that the market for neuromorphic computing chips will grow to over USD 10 billion in the next few years.

The Munich-based company has recognized the potential of the technology and is planning to create a decentralized B2B platform that will be based on the blockchain as a DApp. The platform is designed to help technology companies offer and buy their neuromorphic computing technologies. The decentralized approach ensures a neutral and global trade in technology.

Technology exchange is currently cumbersome and difficult to achieve worldwide, since all technology companies work autonomously and only very few research results are published. In addition to this decentralized platform, the researchers at are also developing a supplier network where suppliers of Neuromorphic computing technologies can be listed and checked. This can also be used to link the global knowledge exchange in the field of neuromorphic computing. The token “NMP” specially created for this purpose is to be used as a means of payment on both platforms.

The NMP token is an ERC20 token and is limited to 10 million pieces, which have already been offered to investors as part of an ICO. Technology companies have the opportunity to acquire the NMP tokens and use them when trading on the two decentralized platforms for neuromorphic computing technologies. Due to the limited number of 10 million, managing director Michael Brandt sees great potential. Brandt says: “The NMP token will play an important role in global technology exchange”. In addition, the company is primarily researching a new type of neuromorphic computing that will use blockchain technology. More information about the project can be found on the website