Get menus of the restaurant  customized thanks to MyCIA

Get menus of the restaurant customized thanks to MyCIA

To locate your preferred restaurant exist effectively a few stages, for example, TheFork or other, yet these generally are a breakdown by kind, by sort of food – pizza, sushi, conventional … – less explicit to go into subtleties of the dish.

To determine this issue as of late showed up on the Italian market an apparatus for the individuals who need to fulfill their inclinations or regard your eating style (narrow minded, sans gluten, veggie lover and crude nourishment) in any event, when eating outside the home.

It’s the application MyCia that it permits you to locate the most appropriate dishes, sifting and requesting neighborhood and menu dependent on close to home taste communicated in the enlistment stage.

Applications are, truth be told, the menus of many eateries in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Turin.

“We have made MyCia as a facilitator device that turns out to be a piece of our day by day life as a loyal friend or a tech attendant – says the originator Pietro Ruffoni – and now, in the event that I need to eat pasta with cheddar and pepper in Venice, with MyCIA can accomplish My craving three taps on the telephone.”

Ruffoni is the CEO of HealthyFood, which in late June propelled the Food Identity Card, the primary advanced report and free that tracks inclinations and dietary patterns of the individuals who fill. From Identity Card application the pace was fast. “We have gotten appropriately requesting – proceeds Ruffoni – and not exactly with regards to explicit nourishment necessities forced by compulsory prerequisites like gluten narrow mindedness, yet in addition when we are insane to need a plate and eat it at home in light of the fact that possibly it’s too testing to even consider preparing or on the grounds that we need to impart to companions.”