Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman of Bahria Town in Pakistan – Biography and Activities Details

Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman of Bahria Town in Pakistan – Biography and Activities Details

A famous personality who has not only acquired excellent business skills from scratch but also took the business to the next level. He is none other than Malik Riaz Hussain. Being a founder of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain has been involved in various business expansion activities. In addition to looking after his business, he has a rare extra qualification. He is a person who not only believed in improving business but also thought about the welfare of the people. He has become a great philanthropist and always thought about people’s needs which include social welfare along with economic welfare. Let us see some more personal details about this great person.

Philanthropic activities:

The people of Pakistan are all thankful for the various welfare programs and donations that Malik Riaz Hussain runs. With a net worth of over $2 Billion, even a small percentage of this amount is huge. With that said, Malik has pledged that 75% of his earnings go to the welfare of the people according to some reports. Now, you can imagine his dedication to the welfare and development of people. Not only does he invest this kind of money but he also works on fulfilling people’s dreams. From this, you got to know that Malik can go to maximum extend to serve people from the bottom of his heart.

Welfare activities in Bahria Town

Most of you might know that the famous Bahria Town is founded by Malik Riaz. There is no doubt that it has a spectacular architecture designed and has a popular name across the country. But the surprising aspect is that Malik took responsibility to provide food for 150 thousand people on a daily basis. Yes, you heard it right about the number of people who feel grateful for the compassionate heart that Malik Riaz Hussain possesses that too twice a day. This shows him being a gentleman by not only working on business aspects but also striving to do as much as he can for the people of Pakistan.

Social Responsibility in the Medical field

Malik Riaz Hussain’s social responsibility and humanitarian attitude do not just stop at feeding people. He also worked on building hospitals in cities like Rawalpindi and Lahore. After all, hospitals are very important for taking care of people’s health. And on top of that, Malik Riaz continuously funds the hospitals to provide world-class facilities including organ transplants and cancer treatments. Not all people can afford these kinds of facilities and treatment from private hospitals and having hospitals funded by Malik, people are getting treatments when in the first place they did not imagine they get such kind of treatment. In addition to this, Malik Riaz Hussain took an initiative and set up a mobile medical team in Pakistan. The team provides all kind of medical services for free to the patients who can’t afford.

Positive change in the Education sector

All across Pakistan, Malik Riaz Hussain made improvements in the education sector and set up numerous colleges and schools. He believes that poverty can only be improvised or eradicated when children get a good education and can stand on their legs in the future earning well. Also, a lot of scholarships are provided by these schools and colleges which is motivating for the kids. This proves his passion for providing the best to the people who cannot afford it.

Continuous Efforts

Well, you have seen the numerous things that he has done to make a change in society. Now, you can imagine his contributions when there are times of disaster. He continuously contributes to society and invests in model communities which are really helpful during such disasters. With such a kind of passion and contribution in every field for the future Pakistan, we truly respect Malik Riaz Hussain.