Ghazal Dreadluck tells us about beauty  and makeup trends in the world Rosy and shiny faces in Korea

Ghazal Dreadluck tells us about beauty  and makeup trends in the world Rosy and shiny faces in Korea

In Korea, matte creams are used less than before. Also, Korean women have recently become interested in water-based cosmetics. Face masks that are based on water, moisturizers and mineral water to stabilize makeup, etc. are among the best-selling items in Korea. Also, companies producing BB and CC creams under the name of their target community use a formula to prepare powder cream that makes women’s faces bright and shiny.

Line under the eyes in Brazil

In Brazil, eyeliner is drawn in a wide and colorful way, and women draw their lower eyelashes with a pencil or eyeliner to create balance. In order for the eyeliner not to combine with the water in the eyes and not be erased, they use waterproof pencils or eyeliners and erase it with a brush.

Doll face in Japan

The makeup used in Japan is doll face makeup. Red or pink blush that starts from below the eyes to make the face look rounder is one of the main components of this type of makeup. The Japanese are big fans of doll faces and use artificial eyelashes daily instead of natural eyelashes.

Colorful lips in Thailand

Bold lipsticks and thick lipsticks are popular trends among Thais. Today, colorful lipsticks are very common in Thai make-up, which has attracted many fans.

The pastel shade of Hedostan

Pastel eyeshadows are the beauty trend of India. Today, following the beauty fashion in India, they use bright pink, bright blue, and green colors under the title of shadow behind their eyelids.

Dubai and Britain and bold wide eyebrows

Today, there are no traces of thin eyebrows in these two countries. The only difference in this trend between the two countries is in the eyebrow model. In Dubai, eyebrows are straight and in Britain, eyebrows are arched.

Gray-beige lips in Sweden

These days, the make-up that has gained many fans in Sweden ends with a gray-based lipstick. Matte lipsticks with 90 colors and based on gray and beige have many fans in Sweden today.

Tan face in Ireland

Tanned faces have become a fashion in the world of beauty. Irish women have embraced the bronze and gold makeup trend with great interest.

Bright and shiny faces in France

Today, the reflection of light on the face of French women is more visible in France than at other times. They make different parts of their face shine with the help of highlighter. This trick is one of the beauty tricks in the fashion world that makes your face look more attractive.

3D eyelashes in Russia

Today, in Russia, the use of artificial eyelashes with full back eyelashes is more common among women than before.