Gino Fracchiolla on Finding His Purpose in Helping Other Grow

Gino Fracchiolla on Finding His Purpose in Helping Other Grow

Gino Fracchiolla is the definition of transformation. From doing almost 10 years in prison to starting his own media firm, Gino quite literally turned his life around. Today, he represents a list of elite celebrities, luxury realtors, and several mom-and-pop stores and is an inspiring figure in the world of entrepreneurship. In an exclusive interview, he gets candid as he shares how entrepreneurship helped him grow and change.

Q. What has entrepreneurship taught you?

Gino: To begin with, being an entrepreneur taught me the power of self-motivation. I wasn’t in the best place in my life before I veered towards entrepreneurship. [I was] far from it. I was lost and self-condescending. Although I had faith in myself, I found it hard to put my faith to the test. However, once I started my business in Feb 2018 and tasted my first success, I felt driven to leave my past behind and embrace what I was becoming.

Another important thing I learned in the last two years is that the only obstacle that keeps us away from achieving our dreams is the fear of failure. This feeling can be very deeply ingrained. However, with careful self-analysis and a healthy sense of self-respect, it can be overcome.

Q: Is there something about entrepreneurship you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Gino: I wish I knew that I could be myself and succeed. Unfortunately, I always felt that I was somehow coming in the way of my own success. But with time I have realized that what really came in the way of me and my potential wasn’t me but my attitude towards success and failure. I was intimidated by both, to the extent that I was afraid of putting myself through tests fearing they might prove me wrong.

Q. Do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Gino: I encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to learn time management. Success requires time. A lot of it. And as an aspiring entrepreneur, you will rely on constant networking and collaboration. So, if you don’t wish to put yourself through unnecessary confusion and leave a wake of poorly taken decisions that will not look good on your resume, manage your time carefully.

Gino is a thinking entrepreneur who likes to stay ahead of his competition and his fears. And that’s the kind of attitude that will be required to succeed in the coming years.