Giri Prasad of SalesDuo: New Customer Engagement Tool on Seller Central

Giri Prasad of SalesDuo: New Customer Engagement Tool on Seller Central

Amazon’s customer engagement tool or Manage your Customer Engagement (MYCE), is a tool that allows Amazon Sellers and Vendors to directly reach their customer base through different types of email campaigns. Before diving deep into the Customer Engagement tool, you first need to understand “Stores or Brand Page” and Amazon Posts and how they can influence.

The store is a feature that allows Brand Registered Vendors or Sellers to create an Amazon store page with a collection of products for a specific brand. This powerful feature enables the brands to exhibit the items by category, best sellers, new products, etc. It allows Amazon customers to follow the store page of the brands they love for updates. 

Amazon Posts is a free (beta) feature that works like Instagram or TikTok wherein the Sellers can create lifestyle images and tag their products which will get added as a feed to the store page and product pages. These posts primarily drive free impressions of your products based on the category, thus allowing interested Amazon customers to follow your store for more such updates.

Amazon’s customer engagement tool or MYCE, allows Vendors or Sellers to reach out to

  1. Customers who follow the store page.
  2. High-spending customers.
  3. A customer who purchased your product recently.
  4. Repeat customers / Customers who frequently buy products from the brand. 

However, the feature is initially enabled only for customers who follow the store page (#1). The eligibility requirement below must be met to create campaigns for the rest of the tailored audiences.

  • The seller should have created ten or more campaigns with at least 1000 emails sent over the last ten campaigns.
  • Average opt-out to click rate less than 1% over the last ten customer engagement campaigns

The Sellers can schedule a campaign for the Store Page followers every seven days. For the remaining three tailored audiences, it will be every 14 days once the above eligibility criteria are met. Sellers can run multiple campaigns during the same period, but if an Amazon customer is part of more than one audience list, they will get an email of only one campaign.

This is a great way to engage your audience and let them know when there is a product launch or if you plan to run a discount promotion during the Holiday season or a Prime Day event. All that is needed is a Store Page and some followers, Brand Logo, and a few lifestyle images to start interacting with your customers as Holiday Peak is fast approaching.

By creating meaningful relationships with your customers using MYCE, brands will become more visible and develop faster through these connections. The new customer interaction tool from Amazon is a simple approach to win over customers. Sellers should look into this if you want to enhance your reputation and build your brand. After all, one of your key objectives in the market should be to win the shopper’s loyalty. The more involved your brand is with your consumers’ journey, the more you will sell!

Amazon is constantly coming out with new tools and updates to help your business grow. But as a small business owner it can be difficult keeping track with all of these updates. Companies such as SalesDuo focus on the branding side of Amazon by propelling businesses to success by offering powerful insights on ways to optimize a business’s presence through account management, operations, creative services, and finance. For more information visit