Monisha Mehta : A Traveller , A Dreamer & An Explorer

Monisha Mehta : A Traveller , A Dreamer & An Explorer

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

This quote perfectly reflects the life of Monisha Mehta who is blessed to be living her dream of being a Lifestyle & Travel Influencer. The Content Creator , Monisha Mehta has always been interested in travelling to new destinations and exploring the rich cultures from different parts of the world. She has always had a deep seated desire to one day hopefully convert this passion of hers into her work and looking at her vivid and enthralling Instagram feed you can confidently say that she’s made it! What started out as a mere hobby has now captivated an entire audience who are engaged in being a part of Monisha’s luxurious travel experiences through her Reels and Posts.

Monisha Mehta Quotes “Travelling for me is more than just a hobby. Visiting a new place, meeting new people, living in a new culture, looking at awe inspiring sights, its all just incredibly fascinating to me. Every city i’ve ever visited has had a small but significant impact in shaping me into the person I am today. I find that I’m the happiest version of myself when I’m travelling.”

This travel blogger reflects her love for wanderlust in the vast selection of locations she’s been to! From the Spectacular Forts of Jodhpur & Jaipur , to the colourful Gujarat, the enchanting beauty of Kochi , Trivandrum , Athirappilly and most regions of our rugged Maharashtra and of course every vacationers favourite, Dubai are just a few of her many.

One Destination That Always Tops Her List Of Etched memories , is her trip to Rajasthan! Everything about this state is magical for her, starting right from the rich heritage , the welcoming people and of course , the delicious dishes! The Bikaner Style of this elegant place has grown on her. Its the palaces of Jodhpur , the picturesque of the pink city and many other places have won her heart over.

She’s worked in association with some very prominent names in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industries like Maharashtra Tourism,  IBIS, Radisson Blu, The Fern, VITS, Angriya Cruise, Boat Booking, Della Data, Club Mahindra, and many more.

Her travel experiences span a whole spectrum from luxurious villas and five-star stays to taking the roads less travelled and discovering hidden gems , Making her trip one of a kind . Her content includes everything from creatively capturing the travel location, suggesting stays & hotels, suggesting activities to do in and around the city, giving a glimpse into her own experiences. She provides her followers with every piece of detail which has her community always wanting for more!

Following her passion for exploring, she says that ‘Travelling has evolved me into an open-minded, positive, & spiritual person. No book, no stories or movies can even come close to replicating the experience of actually being in the place and living the amazing life.’

With a beautiful vibe and a spirit to inspire, she has and will continue to motivate her audience to go places and make beautiful memories in their own unique flavour! It is in wandering that she finds herself and this hodophile will undoubtedly leave a significant imprint of hers in every place she visits.