Give new design vitality to mechanical watches, the original design of AGELOCER has won international recognition

Give new design vitality to mechanical watches, the original design of AGELOCER has won international recognition

In the digital age, people still favor mechanical watches. It is because mechanical watches are different from illusory numbers. They carry the cherishment of a century of watchmaking history, the awe of handcrafted craftsmanship, and the fascination with mechanical civilization. Hundreds of mechanical parts have been ingeniously designed by designers, assembled and polished by senior watchmakers, which can make the watch and people have a rich and detailed emotional bond. As far as the product is concerned, the vitality of design is a soul-like existence, which can turn a cold timing tool into an emotional and warm carrier.

French sociologist Roland Bart once said: People consume is actually the meaning behind the product. In addition to the functionality of the product, what consumers really care about is its emotional and symbolic value. Therefore, in addition to the functions of products that can truly impress consumers, what is more important is how to optimize the user’s experience through vigorous design, generate associations and interactions with users, and make them empathize. The same is true for mechanical watches. How the design of mechanical watches implements vitality in the entire process of product production, so that consumers can feel the emotional connection with the watch, is particularly important.

Speaking of mechanical watches with design vitality, AGELOCER, the winner of the 2020 London Design Award, the 2021 Italian A Design Award, and the 2021 Berlin Design Award, is worth mentioning. As a young mechanical watch brand, it can be recognized by the international design community, which means that its design philosophy is quite remarkable. The brand has insisted on original design and independent R&D of the movement from the beginning of its establishment. From the initial idea to the entire process of making the watch, it has always adhered to the “Always surprised” design concept, so that consumers can truly feel the surprise.

Agelocer Big Bang series

AGELOCER Astronomer Series

The new generation of consumers buy watches not just to check the time anymore. They are young and brave, they are willing to break the inherent form, which coincides with AGELOCER’s goal. AGELOCER’s design does not follow the trend, hoping to break through the shackles of tradition, create a mechanical watch that meets the taste of young people, and pay more attention to the individual expression and spiritual core of the product. Use design to drive product innovation, give the meaning and connotation of mechanical watches through design, expand and change the design boundary of mechanical watches, and make products full of unique vitality and appeal.

A mechanical watch that integrates brand concepts and emotions is not only a tool to display time, but also a interpretation of the world in different mechanical forms. In the world of AGELOCER watches, the design concept of “redefining mechanical watches” can be seen everywhere, such as exploring the brave racing spirit with mechanical watches, exploring interesting dynamic moon phase watches, exploring the vast world and so on. Each AGELOCER watch injects the soul of a “mechanical player” into the product design, allowing consumers to perceive the brand’s brave and transcending spirit, giving the mechanical watch a heartbeat.

The AGELOCER Big Bang series mechanical watch, which has won many world design awards, is the representative work of the brand full of design vitality. Based on the brave and fearless racing spirit, this series of watches applies the elements of the racing rudder wheel to the 24-hour dial. The small seconds dial refers to the ingenious integration of the speeding wheels. The racing tail is turned into the bracket structure on the dial. The overall dial is like the dashboard of a racing car. The instrument panel design concept that symbolizes speed and passion runs through the entire three-dimensional mechanical dial.

AGELOCER Big Bang Series

This is a mechanical watch that presents the unique personality of young people in a new way. It adopts an innovative three-hand separation design, reconstructs the dial structure, and redefines the way of reading time. The pointers revolve around different axes, but they cooperate with each other without interfering with each other. The dial design is also different from the traditional design. In the ultra-thin space of 2.4mm thickness, it accommodates a 4-layer hollow dial and interspersed hands. The design style of this series of watches is bold and unique, creating a new wearing experience for mechanical watches in the new era

The design vitality of the AGELOCER mechanical watch is like a budding seed, born at the beginning of the product conception, practiced at the time of product creation, and reflected in every minute and every second of the next generation of mechanical watches. Vitality means breaking the shackles and thriving. In the process of AGELOCER expressing its exploration of the world with machinery, it creates an emotional connection with consumers and creates a mechanical watch brand that loves machinery, pursues quality, and expresses individuality.