Emo-Rap Prodigy Drawn To The Sky Took it Upon Himself To Make His Music Dreams Come True

Emo-Rap Prodigy Drawn To The Sky Took it Upon Himself To Make His Music Dreams Come True

  • Music
  • November 29, 2021

It’s truly hard to pin down what exactly inspires the music of the Minnesota-born, Los Angeles-based artists Drawn To The Sky. Growing up listening to his father’s 80s music, Drawn To The Sky aka Dustin Gill found himself in the music of pop-punk and hip-hop. Still, it’s not just musical influences that contribute to the artist’s unique sound. “Recently I’ve been really fascinated with the UFO phenomenon,” Gill shares, “and I have gone really far down that rabbit hole the last couple of years.” What truly makes Drawn To The Sky unique is Gill’s ability to combine all of his influences and streamline them into something entirely new.

In 2018, Gill had just begun his professional career in music. While he had always dreamed of being a musician, it wasn’t until his final year of college where he decided to finally pursue it full-time. Studying up on songwriting and music production, Gill moved out to Los Angeles to bring Drawn To The Sky to life. His first year in California was far from a dream, however. Living out of his minivan, which also served as his recording studio, Gill was totally on his own.

This time alone though has always been something positive for Gill. Growing up, he was an only child with divorced parents, which meant frequently moving from home to home and town to town. With all this time on his hands, he was able to learn guitar, among many other hobbies, and truly utilized his alone time. “If I’m ever going through a tough time, there’s no better feeling than to isolate myself and just spill out my emotions over a guitar or beat,” Gill shares.

Over the last few years, Drawn To The Sky has gained serious traction online, collecting millions of streams on Spotify and landing placement on official Spotify playlists alongside some of the biggest names in alternative rock. While 2021 has been a quiet year for Drawn To The Sky in terms of new music, its only because Gill has been hard at work in the studio prepping for 2022. A collection of singles is ready for release anytime now, Gill states, and they will eventually be repurposed into an EP next year. “My greatest achievement thus far has been my ability to take my greatest passion in life and turn it into my full-time job,” Gill states. “I always dreamed of being a professional musician as a kid.”

Keep up with Drawn To The Sky by following him on Instagram, @drawntothesky, and listening to him on Spotify.