Good Backlinks For A Good Ranking

Since the start of SEO, backlinks was always very important. By default, the search engines detect interconnection between different Websites linked to each other by backlinks and their bots try to understand the relation between contents by crawling different Web pages.

Why local and quality backlinks are important?

“In real life the most popular brands on a region are well known between people of the same region, on the internet there’s the same logic, most repeated Websites are the most linked by Website of the same language and localisation! That why backlinks and specially target or local Netlinking are very important to rank high your Website on search engine” said a specialist of French Backlinks.

How to know the difference between a good and bad backlinks?

In every domain there’s a bad and good things, on SEO and especially Netlinking there’s the same logic, natural backlinks are the most suitable and effective for search engines. A natural backlink is obtained from well written content and published on blog, the idea about that is the visitor decides to share and talk about you because he appreciates your content or your product, and the bad backlinks are those ones that we get from bad content or Web pages with a lot of external links. This type of backlink penalize the ranking of you content.

How to get natural backlinks?

You know now the difference between a good and bad backlinks. Let’s talk about the good ways to build a strategy of quality links that help your SEO:

  • Get backlinks from only the relevant and consistent Websites related to your niche to enhance the semantic relevance.
  • Systematically analyse the DA and PA of every source of backlinks before buying a link.
  • There’s some good tools that give valuable that gives many details about quality of the backlinks source, but be aware there’s some sources can damage your SEO.
  • Is recommended to avoid automatic backlinks from general directories and forums, these techniques of mass acquisition of backlinks is no more working.
  • Get the same ratio between do-follow and no-follow of links with diversified anchors.
  • Don’t exchange links directly with other pages you can use complex ones like triangular exchange to be more natural.