Google affirms that it will pay for news to the Mexican press from 2021

Google affirms that it will pay for news to the Mexican press from 2021

For quite a while, a few international media have raised their voices to ask Google to financially remunerate media organizations for the content that is distributed from its platform. Presently this will be a reality in Mexico. The organization affirmed that as of 2021 it will pay for the news it presents in its new News Showcase service.

Richard Gingras, VP of Google News, uncovered at a press conference that Mexican media will get paid for their journalistic content. He announced that the News Showcase tool will arrive at a few Latin American nations by the second or third quarter of 2021. Truth be told, Argentina and Brazil are as of now accessible.

“Although I do not have in front of me the list of countries in which we have already entered into discussions with the media, if we have not started already, I anticipate that we will do so in the next quarter or the next two. These are programs that are designed to be global,” Gingras said.

A week ago Australia set a significant point of reference in such a manner. The Australian government passed a law that obliges Google and Facebook to pay the press for content distributed on their platforms.

As indicated by El Economista, Google News Showcase is the manner by which the technology giant will compensate the news media that produce the connections appeared in the Google search engine. In the new tool, the media can customize the format and distribution that their content will have in different applications like Google News and Google Discovery.

What media will get payment from Google?

The VP of Google News clarified that there will be two fundamental criteria to figure out which media will join News Showcase to get a payment.

The first is that they produce news content continuously, and the second is the audience size at the time of each publication.

The economic agreement that the organization comes to with every news outlet will rely upon an evaluation that will take into account metrics such as print and digital circulation, the amount of content and the volume of readers.

The new News Showcase device has a budget of $ 1 billion every year to pay its “featured partners.” That is, media that will show their news on the platform.