Google Chrome May Bring Circle To Search For The iPhone

Google Chrome May Bring Circle To Search For The iPhone

Since Circle to Search first appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8 in January, Android users have been using it extensively. Now, it looks like iPhone owners may soon be able to utilize the AI-powered tool for themselves.

Google Chrome for iOS has discreetly introduced a new “Lens Circle to Search” feature, as noticed by The Mac Observer. The technology that powers Google to Search, known as Google Lens, lets users conduct searches based on any text or image on the screen.

Therefore, it appears like Chrome for iOS will soon have the ability to circle (or squiggle over) anything on screen to perform a Google search, but it’s unclear when. Though not quite as comprehensive as Android’s system integration, it’s still something.

On an iPhone, Circle can already be used for searches—it’s essentially a personalized shortcut to Google Lens. It does a respectable job of searching the web using visual data and functions in any app via a screenshot, albeit there is no circle involved.

If you’ve never used Circle to Search before, it makes it quicker and simpler than ever to search for anything on screen, including plant species, vehicle models, and quotations from books. After that, you can use Google Lens to adjust and broaden the search as necessary.

Complete Circle to Search integration for iOS is unlikely to happen because third-party apps aren’t permitted the necessary high-level access. Apple is more likely to release a comparable product on its own.

That might take place at its June 10–11 WWDC 2024 event, where a plethora of AI-related software developments are anticipated, somewhat similar to last week’s Google I/O 2024 event.

According to Google, Circle to Search has already been installed on 100 million Android smartphones and will soon be on another 100 million before the year is up. Additionally, it appears that the capability will soon be available for Chrome on desktop computers.