Las Vegas Will Soon Be Included In Google Fiber’s Network Expansion Plans

Las Vegas Will Soon Be Included In Google Fiber’s Network Expansion Plans

The City of Las Vegas, Nevada, will soon be included in Google Fiber’s (GFiber) fiber network expansion plans.

The corporation announced its plans to do the same in the City of Las Vegas just months after confirming it will join the state of Nevada via Clark County, which includes much of Las Vegas, the following year.

According to GFiber, the Las Vegas City Council is presently debating a deal that would allow it to offer Google Fiber service within the city.

GFiber stated that if approved to expand its fiber network, it will offer Internet speeds as high as 8 Gbps.

“Already working on the engineering design for Las Vegas,” it stated, adding that the June 5 vote by the Las Vegas City Council will decide whether to approve it.

“Once that is in place, we can get to work on the permitting process with city staff. GFiber plans to begin construction in the City of Las Vegas early next year and serve our first customers in 2025,” the company stated.

Several other states, including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas/Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington, are also served by Google Fiber. In Nebraska, the business started building its fiber rollout last year.

The company disclosed in March that it was attempting to grow its network in Texas, North Carolina, Idaho, and Missouri.

Google Fiber began offering its 5 Gig fiber service in select US regions in February of last year. The service was first available in Kansas City, West Des Moines, and all towns in Utah. Later this year, Google Fiber plans to expand the service to additional US locations.