Google Contacts carrying out new individuals pages optimized for Workspace

Following a huge number of Workspace improvements in recent weeks, Google Contacts is getting visual changes and more data that is especially valuable for individuals within an organization.

The visual change sees contact subtleties open in a full page as opposed to a pop-up see that actually permits you to see the list of individuals behind the scenes. A person’s contact profile is shown in the top-left with a large name, title/role, division, and company display.

You initially get a “Directory profile” card with email address, phone number, and office location, while a “More” button is accessible. Below this is their “management chain,” beginning with a “Managers” graphic and list of “Reports.”

The last new addition is a “history of your Workspace relationship, including email conversations and meetings.” There’s a new “You & [Them]” feed that shows your recent “Interactions.”

This new Contacts experience is intended to “help Google Workspace users learn more about their colleagues.” It works best if an organization’s administrators populate this workplace data and company directory.

The updated Google Contacts experience is carrying out to and the sidebar that shows up in Gmail and other Workspace applications. It begins carrying out today and is “available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.”