Google is closing down its dedicated Street View app one year from now

Google is closing down its dedicated Street View app one year from now

Google is planning to close down the dedicated Street View app on Android, keeping the element in Google Maps.

Google’s Street View is a simple method for getting a 360° glance at practically any given road in the world, ideal for getting a sense of your next travel destination or just investigating the world from the solace of home. While the Google Maps app has long offered a simple method for hop into Street View, there has likewise been a dedicated Street View app on Android and iOS.

This standalone app served two distinct groups of people – the people who needed to deeply browse Street View and the individuals who needed to contribute their own 360° imagery. Considering the more famous Google Maps app has Street View support and Google offers a “Street View Studio” web application for givers, it ought to be nothing unexpected to discover that the organization is presently getting ready to close down the Street View app.

In the most recent update, version, Google has prepared a handful of deprecation/shutdown notices for the Street View app. These notification are not yet noticeable in the application today, however our group figured out how to enable them.

In the notification, Google affirms that the Street View app is set to close down on March 31, 2023, empowering clients to change to either Google Maps or Street View Studio.

In any case, one feature that is completely closed down with the Street View app’s end is that of “Photo Paths.” First launched last year, Photo Paths were planned as a method for letting almost anybody with a cell phone contribute simple 2D photos of a street or path that had not yet been documented by Street View. Not at all like each and every feature of the Street View application, there is no trade for Photo Paths on the web app or Google Maps app.