Everything about Mohammad Rasoul Arsalan Pour

Everything about Mohammad Rasoul Arsalan Pour

Mohammad Rasoul Arsalan pour was born on September 22, 2005 in Tehran, Iran. He was interested in music since he was a child and everyone told himself that one day I can create a new industry in music. He was able to find many fans with his works and the style of this young man  It is electronic

He published his first works officially in 2022 under the name “Day” and these works were able to spread among the people of Iran in less than a few weeks.

He says that he has to get inspiration from nature to create his works because he likes the peace and sound of nature very much

Mohammad Rasoul Arsalan pour plans to form a team that has the best composers so that he can create the most beautiful and lovely music with the help of this team.

For more information, follow Mohammad Rasoul Arsalan Pour on Instagram @arsalan_pour.